The 1820s were grim economically for West Cork. The collapse of the textile industry which in the Baronies of Carbery was dependant on home weaving was hard hitting on those families partly dependant on it.

This triggered wide spread emigration mostly but not exclusively Protestant to Canada and Rochester, New York.  Many of the families listed here had members who emigrated.

1830 Tithe Applotments (Tax Assessments) for  Durrus District, West Cork,  for Church of Ireland/Methodist families.   This might loosely be described as a tax assessment.  Not all people are included, no labourers, cottiers, artisans such as shoemakers are excluded.  However by combining the amount of land and its value it provided valuable information.  Discernable are clusters of small holdings in Coolculagta, Ardgoena, Droumreagh which were likely to have been weaving centres.


You can see clusters of small holding probably weavers in Drumreagh, Ardgoena, Coolculaghta.  Also there are names which are no longer around.


The originals can be viewed here, some parts such as Clashadoo are missing, the transcriptions are very poor:



Tithe Aplottments 1830 DurrusParts of Bantry, Church of Ireland