West Cork History



1847. Father John Kelleher, PP. Ballydebob, on evils of Land Tenure. Townland of Kilronogue, Ballydehob, West Cork, Population 1841 445, 1847 125 Dead from Hunger, 6 from Disease, 84 Missing.  1841 74 Houses, 1847 27 Unroofed, 11 Unoccupied.


At Kilbronogue the Revd. continued his journey escorted by Captain Harston, agent of the British Association and the Roman Catholic Parish Priest, Fr. Barry. He visited nine houses before turning away with despair. “In the ninth house that of Charles Regan, I found that of eleven only three remained. We had met the woman of the house on the road and she accompanied me to most of the houses. When we arrived at her cabin she said: ‘I have a fine young man of nineteen years of age and you could carry him in the palm of your hand.’ I entered and saw a bundle of skin and…

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