Rossnacaheragh townland mentioned in 1652 Depositions and Timothy O’Donovan’s, Two Storey House and Demesne Ornamentally Planted at Rossnacaheragh, Parish of Durrus, West Cork.

Either the father of Timothy O’Donovan or his grandfather acquired Estates from Lord Riversdale family post 1770.  The Riverdales are probably connected with the Hulls of Leamcon, Schull.

This O’Donovan acquisition was the first or one of the first by Catholic to recover forfeit lands in the 17th century.

Timothy and his brothers Richard and Dr. Daniel Skibbereen were Magistrates.  Dr. Daniel also had an estate in Caheragh.   The were very active politically with the Deasy of Clonakilty and were credited with eliminating tithes on the Muintervara Peninsula to the delight of Catholic and small Protestant farmers.

There is no trace of the house only a gate adn all.  In the 1890s the stones from the house were used by the Cronin family to build their farmhouse adn outbuildings.

Richard O’Donovan’s nearby house at Fort Lodge is nearly ruinous but still capable of restoration.