West Cork History

Cahir Davitt (1894-1986), Circuit Judge of the Dáil Courts, attempts to stop Kangaroo Courts during Civil War, President of the High Court in Ireland and action over ‘Revenhill Incident’ 1954, Belfast, to prevent breakup ol All Ireland Rugby.

Forgotten Hero – Michael Davitt


Cahir Davitt, the son of Michael Davitt, of Land League fame, as a young barrister was appointed a Circuit Judge of the Dáil Courts. In one case referred to him a Church of Ireland family was ousted from their holding by squatters, he gave judgement in favour of the original family. The squatters were given 7 days notice by the local IRA Commandant and the rightful owners were restored to their holding.

He was appointed by Kevin O’Higgins to head up the Army Legal Service. At that time lawlessness reigned. The RIC had been disbanded and the Gardaí had not yet taken up duty. His recollections…

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