West Cork History

1828.  Formation of Bandon Co. Cork  Brunswick Constitutional Club, Orangemen Chiefly Cotton Weavers, Attack Catholics at the Meeting,  and References to Ibane/Barryroe and Macroom Brunswick Clubs.

Ian d’Alton, has written extensively about this period, the various religious and political tensions in Cork.   The author of Protestant Society and Politics in Cork, he has written extensively on southern Irish Protestantism in its political, social and cultural manifestations.

Doneraile Brunswick Club:


1834 Bandon Meeting:


Many Cork Magistrates appear:


Australian Academic covers the topic:


The backdrop is the heightened tensions political and religious with the advent of Catholic emancipation.  The balance of economic advantage had probably moved to the Catholics.   The landed families had commenced a spiral of decline. However given the emergence of two sectarian states in Ireland in the 20th century the triumph call of the danger to civil and religious liberty can be entirely dismissed.

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