West Cork History

Edward Davenant (1568-1639), Record of Cambridge University, England Entry 1584 of ‘Whiddy Island’, Bantry, Co. Cork.  Later owner fishery.

This corroborates the Fishery at the time being financed from London Merchants .


He is son of John, brothers John 1587, William 1590, George 16o2.

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1639Edward DavenantWhiddy IslandWill dated Whiddy 29th December 1636. He was brother of Bishop of John Davenant of Salisbury, active in Bantry Fishery since 1608 when he leased Whiddy Island from Sir Owen O’Sullivan’s widow. To son Edward D.D. New Sarum, WiltsHis father-in-law was Simms, London. One daughter marrried John Palmer of Whiddy, another son John of Whiddy married Ann Boyle both drowned crossing to Whiddy 1641. William may have been another son.Paddy O’Keeffe papers, Cork ArchivesHe was born London 1586 son of John, Cambridge 1584. Brothers Cambridge graduation: John 1587, William 1590, George 1602.


Pre 1610Edward…

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