19 Sep 1918 Letter from Colonel Kirkwood, Commanding Berehaven Garrison, making formal application for the handover of workhouse buildings, Context Naval Base World War 1 Bere Island.

Likely in connection with World War 1 then a naval Base on Bere island.

Courtesy Cork Archives:

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5 Sep 1918 Resolution expressing willingness to handing over workhouse buildings to the military authorities, subject to reimbursement. It was also resolved to seek to acquire the use of Cametringane House as a temporary infirmary and fever hospital. A committee to deal with the military and make hospital arrangements was also created. [Soldiers occupied the body of the workhouse, but inmates were transferred to the hospital building, not to Cametringane. See 6 Feb 1919, where the LGB express their understanding that Cametringane was taken by the board ‘as a temporary measure to cope with the influenza epidemic’. It is pointed out in response that the board never took possession of the house, and it is ordered that the keys be handed over to the garrison commander, Bere Island].

15 May 1919 Resolution asking the LGB to consider the board’s claim for payment from the military up to 31 March last, noting ‘as there seems to be no likelihood of the military surrendering the workhouse premises, we cannot go on indefinitely paying money on their behalf’. 12 Jun 1919 Letter from the medical officer, Castletown Dispensary District, requesting two days leave to go to Bandon ‘to examine the members of the R.I.C. alleged to have been injured near Eyries’.

10 Jul 1919 LGB circular stating that 17 July ‘has been fixed as the date for the public celebration of peace, which marks the termination of the war, and stating they will raise no objection to the day being observed as a holiday’. ‘No order made’ by the board in response

7 Aug 1919 Notice of payments received from the Admiralty and from the Royal Air Force for maintenance of patients in the hospital. Resolution asking whether the military ‘can now surrender the portion of the workhouse used formerly as a hospital, as our present hospital accommodation is very limited and primitive. Now that the war is over we see no reason for the military requiring the entire house’. Extracts from LGB medical inspector’s report regarding