1859. Landed Estates Court Sale of Estate (567 acres) of Thomas Hungerford at Inchafune (Keelnareliga, Gutteeetown,The Commons, Monanearig Bog), East Carbery, 3 Miles East Dunmanway, West Cork, Maps, Among Names, Bryan, Butler, Carroll, Crowley, Cullinan, Donegan, Driscoll, Dullet, Gillman, Holmes, Jagoe, O’Callaghan, McCarthy, Dr. Morrison, Murphy, Santry, Swanton.  Possible connection between Judge Robert Swanton, New York and Cork Dunscomb family.

The Solicitors are Tuckey and Dunscomb in Cork.  Re the lives in Leases there are Swantons named.  Judge Robert Swanton, United Irishman and Judge Marine Court in New York and his US Citizenship papers signed by a Dunscomb suggesting a family relationship.

1858 Tuckey and Dunscomb Attorneys, 54 Grand Parade, 1859 54 South Mall Acted Landed Estate sale Cox Estate Dunmanway 1858. Tuckey probably the young attorney also a proctor of Consistory Court 1850. 1859 sale Landed Estates Cort ThomasHungeford Inchafune, Dunmanway. Dunscomb had a house at Mount Desert. Lee Road 1800 atttestation for USA citizenship of Robert Swanton, United Irihman Ballydehob later Jude NY, taken by Dunscomb Clerk NY may be connected