1851.  Report of A. N. Neal, Inspector of Drainage on Land Improvement in South West Cork.  Larger Farmers Precluded from Applying For Benefit of Land Improvement as They Did Not Possess Sufficient Legal Title under Act.  Praise for William Bence Jones (Clonakilty). Rev. R. Wright (Probably Beecher Land Agent), Rev. John Triphook (Mizen Peninsula) Rev. Thomas Tuckey (Probably Drimoleague), Mrs. L. C. Kearney (Garretstown), Mr. John Moloney, William T.Hungerford (Rosscarbery), Henry Baldwin, Cornelius O’Callaghan, Rev. John Murphy (Probably Newtown, Bantry).  Details of Grant Applications in Baronies of East and West Carbery Bantry and Bere.

The lack of legal interest is frequently quoted as a reason for lack of development.  In the northern counties the ‘Ulster Custom’ protected tenants who were to be compensated by Landlords for improvements but in many southern estates no such benefit was given.