West Cork History


The Rev. Alcock lived at Sea Lodge, Gearhameen, he later built the old Rectory in Clashadoo.

The Tithes in the 1820s: ‘The year’s tithe due to Mr. Alcock, the Rector Durrus, was nearly collected in one day. The summary collection was effected by the police who act as drivers. In the case referred to the determination to to obtain ‘Tithe Distress’ was so great that I have been informed that the house where the parish priest the Reverend Quin was saying Mass was forcibly entered and a bed the only item of value would have been taken but for the suggestion of some Protestant who objected to that mode of insult to a Clergyman.

The Tithes were a tax on cultivated land pasturage was exempt. In was in the popular imagination seen as being for the maintenance of the Church of Ireland clergy it then being the State Church…

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