West Cork History

Agreement made between Francis Edwards, Jacob Sawbridge, Elias Turner, and Charles Ward on behalf of the Governor and Company for making Hollow-Sword Blades in England in the first part, and Francis Bernard, City of Dublin, in the second part. For the sum of £3,566. 5s. 0d. paid by Bernard to the Governor and Company, for a term of one year, they convey to Bernard the town and lands of Knocknacarra, Killdara, [Coghans], Coolmayne, Ballynagragh, Ballinvradigg, Coolbane, Garrylucas Upper, Ballincurrig, and Ardacrow, all in Cork county. Signed by all parties, and signed and sealed by Bernard.

One of the founding blocks of the Bandon estate.

From Boole Library UCC


The Hollow Blade Company acquired large tracts of forfeit land in Co. Cork as part payment for financing the Wars of William of Orange, hit by financial panic in the early 18th century they had to liquidate and this transaction was…

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