1844. Discovery of Amulet, Remnant of Antiquity near Timoleague, Where there Was  A Franciscan Monastery Thought to Be Used As A Charm Against Caterpillars (Couac or Murrain)


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1787-1870 John Lindsay TCD, Esq Kings Inns 1812. Barrister, little practise independently wealthy. Lindville/Maryville, Blackrock, son of Thomas Barrister, Mary dau of Samuel Maylor, Merchant Lord Mayor 1766, m Annie d Peter Morgan, Bridestown, 5 sons 1 daughter, only daughter Mrs. Carlton. Member 1832 Cork Friendly Club. 1861 Member Society Irish Antiquaries. Lucas Directory 1787 Published ‘View of the Coinage of Ireland’ enormous collection of coins c 1835 if it is the same man. Contributor to ‘Gentlemans Magazine” on coinage. Associate of Richard Sainthill. Obituary by Richard Caulfield Kilkenny Journal of Archaeology. John Windle. “May be the same Lindsay, John, Esq. Lindville, Blackrock Road. On Sunday morning [21st], at Lindville, on the Blackrock road…aged 60 years. He was a most affectionate husband, a tender and indulgent parent, and a truly honest man.‘ CC (23/09/1828)




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