1821. Partial Listing of Tenants in Kilmoe (Goleen), West Cork.

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Surnames: Johnson, Ferguson, Allen, King, Daly, Donovan, Williamson, Kelly, Supple, Coughlan, Mahony, Kingston, Past, Neagle, Coghlan, Cunningham, Driscoll, Sullivan, White, McCarthy, Neville, Boyde, Nicholson, King, Burns, Fleming.

PARISH OF KILMOE: This parish is at the extremity of the peninsula between Dunmanus Bay and Roaring Water Bay in SW Cork. In 1821, it would have been a very remote part of Ireland. Yet, a little, 30-page, loosely-stitched tithe book/ledger has managed to survive and bears the date 1821 on its cover. This book is not to be confused with the official tithe applotment book for Kilmoe Parish which was drawn up in the year 1828, some seven years later.

This 1821 notebook’s appearance is somewhat reminiscent of the tenure, house and field books of Griffith’s Valuation. There are a total number of 516 names, some repeats.

Unlike the Tithe Defaulters Lists which record in excess of 29,000 names, these lists do not have actual addresses. It is not clearly stated that the farmers listed for each townland actually lived in that townland. (This is not the case in the Tithe Defaulters Lists where the name of the abode is clearly stated, thus one knows where there is repetition.) However, is may be not unreasonable to assume that most or all of these farmers did live in the townlands listed; possibly you can check this information against the official tithe applotment book for Kilmoe Parish for 1828.

Per “Irish Roots,” this is part of the OPMA (Official Papers Miscellaneous Assorted) files in the National Archives, Bishop Street, Dublin. (Call Number: OPMA 162/1).

In many cases the names of the townlands in 1821 have changed; more importantly, there are fewer townlands in the parish now than there were in 1821. (See below).

Here is a partial extract:

ALTER (now Altar)
John F. Johnson
John Ferguson
John Richard Johnson
Francis Johnson
Charles Allen
Tom King
Ned Allen
Jas. Daly
Henry Daly
Jno. Donovan
Michael Allen
__any Johnson
Jno. Jno. Johnson
Ben Williamson
Henry Jno. Johnson.

ARDUSLOGH (now Arduslough)
Edward Supple Kelly
Richard Allen, Sr.
Richard Allen, Jr.
Ths. Richard Allen
Wm. Ths. Allen
Mrs. Nancy Allen
Ths. Jno. Allen
Widow Nancy Allen
Gro. Allen
Charles Coughlan
Timothy Donovan
Tim Mahony
William Kingston, Sr.
William Kingston, Jr.
Mick Past
James Neagle, Jr.
James Neagle, Sr.
Daniel Donovan
Jny. Donovan
Widow Coghlan
Jno. Cunningham
William Allen, Sr.
Tim Driscoll
Peter Sullivan
Js. White
Wm. Ths. Allen

J. McCarthy
Richard Supple
Thomas Neville

Richard Coghlan
Michael Donovan
Jny. Driscoll
Cors. Driscoll
William Boyde
School house
Geo. Nicholson
Ths. Nicholson
Cors. Mahony
Michael Mahony

BALLYDEVLIN (now Ballydivlin)
Thomas King
William King
Pat Burns
Richard Burns
Jon Fleming

Note – Comparing townlands in the parish of Kilmoe, there were 70 in 1821, while there are currently (1997) 61 on OS maps. This factor creates difficulties for people researching in the pre-Griffith’s valuation/Ordnance Survey period.

Alter – Altar
Arduslogh – Arduslough
Balinaule – Ballynaule
Ballydevlin – Ballydivlin
Ballydevlin East –
Ballydevlin Middle –
Ballydevlin West –
Ballyrizard – Ballyrisode
Ballyvauge Beg (sp?) – Ballyvoge Beg
Ballyvouge More – Ballyvoge More
Balteen – Balteen

5 Bird Island
Baulsalogh North – Boulysallagh
Baulsalogh South –
Cahir – Caher
Calisitra – Callards Eighter
Calisotra – Callards Oughter
Cannivee – Cannawee
Carinbeg – Corran Beg
Carinmore – Corran More
Carrickeen Gour – Carrigeengour
Carrig Carriheen – Carrigcurriheen
Carrig Cat – Carrigacat & Milleen
Carrigmanus – Carrigmanus
Castle Mihigan – Castlemehigan
Clahan Lihid – Cloghanalehid
Clahane – Cloghane
Clahicilleen – Cloghanaculleen
Clohir – Clogher
Coarlacky – Coorlacka
Crookhaven – Crookhaven
Dough – Dough
Dunkilly – Dunkelly Middle
Dunkilly East – Dunkelly East
Dunkilly West – Dunkelly West
Dunlagh – Dunlough
Durade –
Ednaghstra – Enaghouter East

Enaghhouter West

– Fastnett Rock
Glebe –
Goleen – Gooleen
Grinane – Greenane
Gurt Brack – Gortbrack
Gurtduff – Gortduff
Gureen Ipagh –
Gureen Spa –
Gurtnacarigy – Gortnacarriga
Gurtni Gashil – Gortnagashel
Kealfada – Kealfadda
Kilbarry – Kilbarry
Kilbrown – Kilbrown
Killean – Killeane
Knuck Galane – Knockagallane
Knuckeen Goragh – Knockeennagearagh
Knucksasanagh – Knockatassonig
Lackavane – Lackavaun
Lackmakey – Lackenakea
Letter – Letter
Linane – Leenane
Lisigriffin – Lissagriffin
Malavoge – Mallavoge
Mileen –
Rock Island – Rock Island
Shanaghy – Shanavally
Ship –
Snugharbour –
Spanish Cove – Spanishcove
Tour – Toor
Toureen – Tooreen
Tourmore – Toormore
Ughtiminia – Oughtiminnee
Yokane –