West Cork History


1821. Partial Listing of Tenants in Kilmoe (Goleen), West Cork.

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Surnames: Johnson, Ferguson, Allen, King, Daly, Donovan, Williamson, Kelly, Supple, Coughlan, Mahony, Kingston, Past, Neagle, Coghlan, Cunningham, Driscoll, Sullivan, White, McCarthy, Neville, Boyde, Nicholson, King, Burns, Fleming.

PARISH OF KILMOE: This parish is at the extremity of the peninsula between Dunmanus Bay and Roaring Water Bay in SW Cork. In 1821, it would have been a very remote part of Ireland. Yet, a little, 30-page, loosely-stitched tithe book/ledger has managed to survive and bears the date 1821 on its cover. This book is not to be confused with the official tithe applotment book for Kilmoe Parish which was drawn up in the year 1828, some seven years later.

This 1821 notebook’s appearance is somewhat reminiscent of the tenure, house and field books of Griffith’s Valuation. There are a total number of…

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