The Worlds Only Female Freemason: In Pious Memory of THE HONOURABLE ELIZABETH ALDWORTH wife of Richard Aldworth, of Newmarket  Court, Co. Cork, Esq. Daughter of Arthur First Viscount Doneraile, Her Remains Lie Close To This Spot (St. Finbarrs Cathedral, Cork), Born 1685 Died 1775.  Initiated into Freemasonry in Lodge No. 44 at Doneraile Court, In This County A.D. 1712.

Aldworth Magistrates:

Boyle Aldworth, 1737, Newmarket, married 1736 Jane Oliver, Clonodfoy, Limerick, marriage portion £4,000. Witness deed 1739, 1770.  Enrolled Middle Temple 1735 father  Richard, arminger.  Subscriber  of 1766 ‘The History of the Irish Rebellon’, Cork, 1766.  1780 property Dunscomb’s Marsh, cork.

Major Aldworth, Newmarket , died 1875, brother of Richard.

Richard Aldworth, 1719, Newmarket father of Boyle Aldworth son and heir JP 1737.  Witness deed 1737 with Richard Chinnery.

Richard Aldworth, 1779, Annsgrove, Castletownroche, did Gran Tour, Arthur Young impressed with his taste, cultivated mind, education and patriotism, choosing to live in Ireland.  Witness deed as JP 1770.

Richard Oliver Aldworth D.L., Pre 1830, Newmarket House, donated site for Newmarket Catholic Church and partly paid for it, wife involved in railway promotion d Earl of Bandon, Cork Spring Assizes 1863, listed 1885 Newmarket, brother of Major Aldworth, subscriber 1861 to Smith’s History of Cork, JP, died 1875.  Lord of Manor of Ballyhooly and Newmarket by patents going back to Sir Richard Aldworth in the reign of King James the First, his seneschal and land agent Richard D. Smith from 1815.  1835 Robert Rogers Aldworth granted to John Aldworth rent charge on lands at Ballybrack entitling him to vote.

Colonel Richard William Aldworth, 1865, Woodbank, Queenstown, Resident, £37, 1885 Newmarket.

Colonel Robert Aldworth, 1885 listed for Newmarket, Cheltenham.

St. Ledger Aldworth, 1753

St. Ledger Aldworth, Pre 1838




1783 Aldworth St.Ledger King’s Inns Admission Records 2nd son Boyle
1735 Boyle Aldworth Admitted Inner Temple, London Newmarket, father Richard Armiger, son and heir apparent
1827- Robert Aldworth TCD King’s Inns Admission Records 1848 2nd son Richard Oliver and lady Letitia Hare




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