West Cork History

People worldwide with Cork connections owe an eternal debt of gratitude to Richard Caulfield. His career is dealt with here:


Many of the Church of Ireland records from the Cork Churches were transcribed by him and the originals went up in a few seconds with the detonation of explosives placed by the Anti-Treaty IRA in the Public Records Office of the 4 Courts Complex in 1922. At the time the Public Records Office was regarded as among the best in the world.

The RCB Library in Orwell Road, Dublin have some of his original transcripts, the industry involved is apparent from his comments.

‘Reverend L.O.Madden lent me the Registers on the 30th June 1877, Saturday 1.30 commenced 8.30 (coden sie)’

In the middle of the transcription between different sections from Births to say Deaths he has inserted in his own hand.

” The entry of burials between the 19th…

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