Application from 1721 Charles MacCarthy, Caherkuike, (Caherkirky?) Co.Cork. for Admission to Spanish Nobility from Bilbao Archives among supporters Count Berehaven, Rev. Charles MacCarthy, Curate Enniskeane.

Courtesy of  Samuel Fannin, BA, Dip. Ed.

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1721 Charles MacCarthy, Caherkuike,(Caherkirky?) Co.Cork.


Sello Mayor. Ref. BSA 0396-001-003, AG 15777 Ps Florence MacCarthy and Kathleen MacCarthy. PGPs John Baptist MacCarthy and Kathleen O’Mahony. MGPs Florence MacCarthy (of Carigen) and Leonora MacCarthy (of Drungarriff). Witnesses in Bilbao Edmund Shee, John Power and Arthur Lynch, who state that nobody should attempt to collect proofs of genealogy in Ireland as it is invaded by the English. Three letters of confirmation of nobility and purity of faith of Charles MacCarthy. One signed by the Count of Berhaven, colonel of the Waterford regiment in the Spanish army, signed in 1721. A second signed by the Duke of Ormonde, saying that Charles MacCarthy abandoned Ireland to follow his legitimate king James, signed in 1721. The third , confirming the long, noble and true Catholic family of MacCarthy, is signed, ‘in our refuge for fear of the persecution’, on the 14thApril, 1719, by the following, and by three priests currently in prison. The bishop of Cork, Donato MacCarthy, John O’Daly, doctor of theology, Andrew Meade, curate of Cnocrahy, Thadeus MacNamara, curate of St.Peters in Cork, Charles MacCarthy, curate of Iniskean(Iniskyne), Demetrius O’Flyn, priest, imprisoned, and rector of Holy Cross parish, Florence MacCarthy, curate of Donaghmore, Terence Begley, priest, imprisoned, Francis O’Brien, priest, imprisoned, John Brown, curate of the White church, Thadeus O’Coghlan, curate of St.Marys. 20 1748 Richard MacDermott, Stamulin, Co.Meath.