The Law of fisheries in Ireland, by John Jagoe, Barrister-at-Law, Bantry, West Cork, Son of John Jagoe and  Margaret O’Connor, Fishery Commissioner, Grandson of Young Fish Merchant Family.  Jagoes from Kilcoleman, Dunmanway.

He was son of John Jagoe, Fishery Commissioner and grandson of the Young family engaged in fishing in Bantry since at least 1600.

John appearing as barrister for evicted tenant O’Donovan, from ‘old family’, evicted on expiry of life in lease by Kenmare Estate 1846, Bantry. His father’s request for assistance in 1821 to Dublin Castle to set up curing house supported by Henry Townsend, Irish Fishery Office rejecting application.

Around 1850 there is  further legal text on Parliamentary Procedure by John Jagoe, BL, London not clear if t is the same.

Ann Marie Desmond (sister Benigue) pioneer of women’s education Townville, Australia was born Bantry mother Esther Jago, John Jagoe fish merchant and inspector writing to the Chief Secretary 1825 to promote non denominational education, Dublin Castle papers on line.

Margaret O’Connor may be a sister of Dr. Bryan O’Connor, Bantry Doctor sent to Australia for 7 years with Alexander Mccarthy, Barrister, for being United Irishmen.

1795 Possibly Skibbereen John Jagoe Margaret O’Connor (she a Catholic) He Bantry she Skibbereen His father John Jagoe Dunmanway mother Ellen Young Young’s Point Bantry fishing family, Son John Councillor m Ann Dowe 1826 possible daughter Esther m Desmond Attorney

The O’Connor family may also be connected with Jagoes in a sale of Estate by Landed Estates Court c 1860, also Murphy and O’Connors Store at the Quay in Bantry may have been Jagoes stores now Maratime Hotel

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Encumbered Estates Jagoe/O’Connor:

6.      Daniel O CONNOR, Joshua Richard JAGOE, Samuel JAGOE, Anne JAGOE and
Ellen O CONNOR, Owner, Thomas Somerville FLEMING, petitioner- Lands of
Knockavolig; Cloderagh; Dereengrenough; West Caheragolane; Ardra and East
Caheragolane, barony of West Carbery- 15 June 1857- (lot maps).

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1835 John Jagoe Admitted Grey’s Inns, Called Dublin 1838. 36, only son of John Esq., father Fish Merchant, mother O’Connor probably local landowning family in Bantry adn Slibbereen areas paternal grand mother from Young fish merchant family, Fishery Inspector writer to Chief Secretary promoting non denominational education. may be uncle to Sister Begnita pioneer women’s education Townsville, Australia and Ellie Desmond who married 1862 in Brisbane Charles J Morris, Surgeon. Mother O’Connor. Practising West Cork defending evicted tenants. Married 1826 Anne Dowe. Author of text on irish Fisheries Law. Attending Great Meeting re Poor Law in 1840, Bantry.
1840 speaking at Repeal meeting Skibbereen father also Liberal. Acting Secretary Bantry and Carbery Liberals. Signed Testimonial to Resident Magistrate, John Gore Jones, Bantry, 1844.
995 1 Oct. 1842 Lease made between Richard, 1st Earl of Bantry, Glengarriffe and Lord Viscount Berehaven, Bantry House, and John [Jagoe], (Barrister-at-Law), City of Dublin. It is for a house and building ground on the Mill Quay in Bantry town (see attached map), for a term of 200 years from the 25th March, at a yearly rent of £4. 4. 0, payable half yearly on the 25th March and the 29th September. Includes a coloured map drawn on the left margin, no scale given.It shows the leased premises, the adjoining holdings and its position relative to the river, the mill and Main Street; and a draft copy of this lease. Possibly site of Maratime Hotel







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