Attendance by Willie Kingston, Solicitor at Dáil Courts in West Cork, 1920 Arbitration Hearing Skibbereen, Cow Sold With Another’s Cows Tail, Sittings at Fahoura School, Bantry Donemark Mill, Caheragh Ballyourane Barn, Derryclough Field.

During the War of Independence the King’s Writ ceased to run in many parts of Ireland. Sinn Féin ran the Dáil courts which on Independence in 1922 were abandoned.  The Courts were illegal under the then British Law and any Lawyer was subject to imprisonment and disciplinary action by the Incorporated Law Society or the bar Council.  Nevertheless the courts were widely used with full legal representation.

Willie Kingston was a partner with is first cousin Jasper Wolfe in Wolfe and Co. Skibbereen.  A Kafka situation developed insofar as from 1916 Jasper was the Crown Prosecutor fro West Cork and his cousin was illegally representing clients in the same practice.

Willie was in is own words the only Protestant in Skibbereen to sign a petition against  Conscription in 1917.

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