West Cork History


Records of South West Cork families such as Atteridge, Brooks, Coghlan, Daly, Haggertys, Gallagher, Gosnell, Lannin, Hithcock, Justice, King, Levis, Love, Dukelow, Beamish, Stout, Jermyn, Kingston, Raycroft, Jennings, Pick, Riordan, Sullivan, Skuce, Shannon, Swanton, Woulfe, Young, in Registers of Rochester New York, Register Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, Rochester Genealogy Relevant

Canadian Records.

Often through going through these records and the Canadian and USA Census and death and marriage it is possible to establish the dates of birth and marriage of Irish born, North Americans.   This is of particular value in view of the loss, destruction or non availability Irish Records.
Many thanks to Sharon Haggerty for this.





Some of the work done by Sharon Haggerty in extracting records:  She extracted what are probably thousands of records from parish registers. In the case of Cork they include many of the parishes extending from Skull to…

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