The Dukelows were part of a family pattern of emigration from West Cork from the early 19th century. By way of background families were from a small to middling class of tenant farmers with some labourers and craftsmen. The earliest emigrations were mainly of families to Ontario and to Rochester in Upper New York. In this they were accompanied by other interrelated families from the area to Rochester the Allens, Skuces, Attridges, Gallaghers, Mahonys, Bakers and Swantons from, the Rossmore and Brahalish areas of Durrus. The Canadian emigration took in the broader area bounded by Skibbereen Crookhaven and Durrus and included some of the following families Melvilles, Goods, Copithorns, Dalys, Coghlans, Skuces, Swantons, Roycrofts, Whitleys and they are to be found in the various Canadian and US census and landing records of the period. From Rochester some family members went to Kansas and Wisconsin. Later in the century family members from the Coomkeen, Durrus area went to California. From mid-century emigration took the form of single individuals male and female.

In Rochester the extended families emulated the Irish Catholics who were Democrats  in getting control of Rochester City Council but through the Republican party.

There are quite a number of marriages in the US and Canada within the kin group not just Church of Ireland and Methodist but with Catholics from the same original area.

Up the 1930s there was repeat emigration to Rochester, a favourite destination especially for women the Kodak Film works.


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