The Lost World of the Flemings of Oldcourt, Reenmurragha, Skibbereen, West Cork, Where, ‘All The Famous Horsemen Met..With Their Fowling Pieces..The Gentry of Rosscarbery Met.. Song in Lionel Fleming’s Book, Head or Harp.,+Co.+Cork/@51.5447325,-9.3378748,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x4845a46cacaa1b69:0x07ec6fa5b4f74cc6

The Flemings as landlords had a mixed press some reviled others praised.

Lionel was brought up in Cork later he was a journalist on the Irish Times and later went to England.  The book as published in 1965.

Eliza (Dizzie) Townsend (Mrs. Lionel Fleming)

She was in  Ballydevlin, Goleen, West Cork towards the srart of the 19th Century, no roads, rooms lit by smokey candles made of mutton fat, a diet of cabbage, seaweed, mutton, salt ling, salted pork, pig’s head and crubeens, playing Handel and Mozart with the Rev O’Grady.

Until Richard Griffith completed the road from Skibbereen to Crookhaven in 1824 there was only a saddle path. When the road opened, for the first time, wheeled vehicles came to the western area.

Her Father was the Rev. Horace/Horatio Townsend, pre 1824, Derry, Rosscarbery, noted agriculturalist, 13 children of whom Dizzie married Lionel Fleming JP, Ballydevlin later Newcourt. Managed estates of Lord Shannon in Timoleague until his death. 1835 Subscriber Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1837.

The song he quotes was written by Mr. Carney whose family worked on the Estate.

Fleming Magistrates;

Becher Fleming (1760-1837), Pre 1831,  Oldcourt (Reenmorragh),  lived at Ballydevlin for a period, father 10 children including Lionel Fleming JP, Ballydevlin later Newcourt, m Judith Barbara (Dizzie) d Horace Townsend, JP, Derry.

Becher Lionel Fleming (1821-1889), 1865, 1865, 1874,  Oldcourt (Reenmorragh), Skibbereen, £160, m Elizabeth Reeves (who have O’Dempsey ancestry)

Lyonel Flemyng (Lionel Fleming) (1725-1803), 1778, Oldcourt (Reenmorragh), son of John, Skibbereen, m Martha Wren sister of Mrs Townsend of ‘The Point’, farmer, built Eldon Hotel, landlord.  Captain Carbery Vounteers 1777. Oldcourt owned by Bechers who sold to Tonson who let to Fleming.  His will describes him as being possessed of ‘the lands at Ballydevlin, Carrigocat, Clohananecullen, Kilbrown, Cloheanalid, Milleen, Skeanore, Thornhill, Kilmacaconage, Kilcrohane, and Windmill Hill in Skibbereen.’ It adds that he wishes to be buried: ‘in the tomb I erected in the parish church of Aghadown, and to be conveyed there by my tenants, each of whom is to receive a linen hat-band.” Fleming

Lionel John  Fleming-1869),  Oldcourt (Reenmorragh), Skibbereen, pre 1831, listed 1838, sitting Skibbereen 1850, 1861.  Probate £1, 400, 1869 to Becher L. Fleming, Oldcourt and

Rev .Horace Fleming, KIlnagross, Clonakilty.

Fleming Family History:


Book 1965.

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