24th July 1755, Doctor Edward Barry, college Green, Dublin, Offers fine Oakwood in Lands at Tuigeah, Inchileelagh, Co Cork for Sale Where Old Keadagh Leary Lived Probably Grandfather of Outlaw Art Ó Laoighre.

In the 18th century in Cork records it is possible to see the medical apothecary and merchant families either Catholic or Catholic origin who intermarry.  A they were precluded by the penal Laws from Land of the Aristocratic Catholics stayed in Ireland they often ended up in these pursuits.

Of this O’Leary line, the Capuchin Friar Father Arthur  O’Leary was probably one.   There is another Protestant O’Leary family in Glasheen, Cork, prominent in mid to late 18th century which is probably of the same line.


Frame 2378 from John T Collins, Newspaper Extracts.