Title of Francis Bernard the Elder and Francis Bernard Junior, Castlemahon, Bandon to Six Ploughlans at Coolenlong otherwise Four Mile Water (Durrus) and the Townlands of Kealties and Tullagh, Muintervara, West Cork

In historical terms these were McCarthy Muclagh lands. They had the Castle at Gearhameen, formerly Scart on the Bantry Cork road. They lost all after 1641 and Colonel Reid, then Major,  was granted the lands, a r, by Patent in 1662. The Evansons also Cromwelians were in Castledonovan and around 1690 bought Colonel Reid’s interest. They got into financial difficulty around 1710 and the Bernards (Later the family were ennobled as Lord Bandon) acquired their interest. Some years later Nathaniel Evanson of Culnalong (Durrus Court, Gearhameen) and his brother-in-law Jeremy/Jeremiah (married Susanna Evanson) Coughlan (originally Carrigmanus) Attorney and Agent with Andrew Crotty to The Devonshire Estate in Lismore rented ploughlans from the Bernards. It is likely that one of the extended Coughlan family were settled onto the largest farm on the estate at Clashadoo as Frances Coughlan marries Charle Dukelow from Crottees around 1805.   That farm devolves by marriage to Dukelow to Shannon then Johnson.

The Reid title was the basis for a successful challenge by Lord Bandon to the Duke of Devonshire in an Admiralty Action held at the Cork Custom  House in 1862.