O’Donovan Family:

A mystery of Timothy O’Donovan is that he was quite affluent unlike most of the surrounding Durrus/Bantry Landlord families, Blairs/Hutchinsons/Evansons.  Even the Whites of Bantry House were for most of the 1219th century fencing with bankruptcy.  letters to Dr. John O’Donovan confirmed that he had weathered the famine well.  The estate in Durrus was small even including the land at Balighadown Caheragh.

No trace apart from the wall and gates remain of the substantial house of O’Donovan. In its heyday there were glasshouses growing pineapples. melons as well as kennels. It is visible on the Ordnance Survey Historical map:,488898,540298,11,8

1874, Death at 85 of Timothy O’Donovan, J.P., Esq, O’Donovan Cove, Durrus, West Cork, The Last Survivor of the Ancient House of O’Donovan Bawn or Clann Cahill, Justice of the Peace since 1818, and other O’Donovans of Landlord Family of Fort Lodge and Kilcrohane.

A fair amount of his original correspondence with Dr. John O’Donovan is in the Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street, Dublin.



He was involved in the Election of Rickard Deasy Q.C in 1855:


O’Donovan Genealogy Ardahill (Kilcrohane), the Ardahill, Kilcrohane family probably originate Dunmanway c 1740 not related to the O’Donovan of The Cove. and Fort Lodge

Dr John O’Donovan traces the descent of the O’Donovans back to Eoghan Taidhleach pre 166 A.D. in his appendix to the Annals of the Four Masters.

Keadagh More, (a gentleman of great stature, bodily strength, and military abilities) sons Daniel and Rickard
Rickard’s son Daniel married Eleanor, daughter of Mac Fineen Duff (O’Sullivan) by Elizabeth only daughter of Captain Richard O’Donovan of Bawnlahan, their son was Keadagh.
Keadagh O’Donovan, of Inchaclough Bantry (later part of the White Estate) on 1843. His only surviving son was Timothy who was married to the daughter of Daniel O’Sullivan of Reendonegan near Bantry by the sister of Daniel O’Connell.
Tim O’Donovan 1794-12th May 1844 at Ardahill House, near Bantry reported in the Cork Constitution 12th May 1844.  Presumably his father was Ceadach or Keady born prob mid 1700s.

14 March 1824, Bantry Parish Register, Timothy O’Donovan – Mary Sullivan (of Reendonegan POK), witnesses Daniel Sullivan and Alex McCarthy. Her mother Hanora O’Connell b.1774 was the sister of Daniel O’Connell.
Mary 18 Jan 1825, Roscaragh, Cady O’Donovan Ellen O’Connell, died aged 19,
Ursuline Convent, Cork May 1844.
Alex (Master Sandy) 30 Oct 1827, Roscaragh, Rev. R Walsh, Julia O’Donovan,
Catherine 20 May 1829, Ardahill, Daniel O’Donovan Matilda Sullivan, who
married Richard Maybury, Attorney, Cahir Lodge, Kerry.
Timothy 3 May 1830, Ardahill, Richard and Elizabeth O’Donovan
Jane 19 Aug 1831, Ardahill, Daniel O’Donovan Ellen O’Sullivan, may have married a son of Redmond Barry, Fishery Commissioner c 1860, she was executrix of her father’s will.
Julia 8 Jan 1833, Ardahill, John Atteridge Matilda Sullivan
Ellen 10 Feb 1834, Ardahill, Phillip O’Donovan Ellen O’Sullivan, died unmarried
without reaching 21.
Timothy 26 April 1835, Ardahill, Rev Chris Freeman Elisha O’Sullivan
Elizabeth 7 June 1836,, Ardahill, Keady O’Donovan Maria O’Donovan
Richard 1 Oct 1837, Ardahill, Daniel O’Donovan Maria O’Donovan. One of the
boys was called William.
Martha/Matilda 17 July 1840 Ardahill, Sandy Donovan Catherine Donovan.

Timothy O’Donovan was the executor of the will of Daniel McCarthy, Gurtnascreena, 1826 and died, aged 50 at his house in Ardahill according to the Cork Constitution of 12 May 1844, the same evening as his daughter Mary at the Ursuline Convent, Blackrock, Cork aged 19. Master Sandy and Master Dan were the last of the Ardahill O’Donovans, it is unclear if one of the above males was also known as Dan or if there was another child. They were cousins of the O’Donovans of Lisheens House, Ballincollig, and Cork.

In his will Timothy O’Donovan 8th April 1843 left his interest in lands at Ardahill and Glanally to his son Daniel and lands at Rahfegeen to his son Alexander. He made provision for his daughters; Daniel and Alexander later disposed of their interest in the lands to James O’Connell, Beach, Bantry, who may have been a son in law or  through their maternal grandmother.

Fort Lodge and O’Donovan’s Cove

Dr. John O’Donovan relies on information of John Collins, Myross and says that Teige is a neat kinsman of the Chief Teigue but remarks that the near descent had not yet been proven.  Multiple informants doubt John Collins genealogical prowess.

Teige O’Donovan of Gorteeniher, father of
Diarmuid O’Donovan surnamed An Eich, i.i. of the steed, father of
Jeremiah O’Donovan of Caheragh, father of
Timothy O’Donovan of Ballaghadoon married a McCarthy

Richard O’Donovan of Kilmacabea married Elizabeth O’Donovan sister of

James O’Donovan of Reenogreny and Alexander O’Donovan of Squince.

In 1754 Timothy O’Donovan was a student at the University of Toulouse where on the 15th July of that year he vanquished the most famous swordsman in France. He married Eleanor McCarthy, daughter of Florence McCarthy of Gortnascreena by Jane O’Driscoll daughter of O’Driscoll of Creagh. They had two sons, his heir Richard and Daniel a Lieutenant in the English Service who may have been the person who in March 1835.
March 1835, died lately at Bantry D.D.O’Donovan,. He was on half pay from the 27th. Regiment and was probably the last survivor of the Irish Brigade. After the French Revolution the Irish Brigade officers were permitted to join the British Army

Richard O’Donovan married Jane daughter of Alexander O’Donovan, Squince, and the representative of O’Donovan of Reenogreny. He was reputed to be of great hospitality and worth £2,000 a year. The children were Daniel O’Donovan, M.D. of Skibbereen
Richard O’Donovan, of Fort Lodge (about half a mile upland from O’Donovan’s

Timothy O’Donovan (husband of Maria Rogers) born 1790, died without surviving male issue 16 March 1874, (Burke’s Peerage p.528) and was succeeded by his nephew Richard, son of Richard of Fort Lodge, J.P. by his wife Maria. He is mentioned in a lease relating to Tobin of Whiddy Island as the father of William of O’Donovan’s Cove 1852. According to newspapers at the time of his death he was 85, had become a magistrate in 1818, and was the last of the O’Donovan Bawn/Clann Cahill line. He was actively involved in politics not only locally but nationally, being active in Repeal and in the election of Rickard Deasy Q.C. in 1855.

Durrus Parish Register.

2 Aug 1819, Timothy O’Donovan – Maria Rogers, witnesses Richard and Daniel Donovan. In the POK papers there is a letter to him from Seosamh Ó Muirthile (Joe Hurley) S.J. 19th June 1958, St Stanislaus College, Tullamore, suggesting that Maria Rogers was the daughter of Joseph Rogers M.D. and Mary L’Avallyn one of the co-heiresses of Philip L’Avallyn, Esq of Waterpark in the county of Cork. POK also states that the O’Sullivan Foc or MacFaugh were also known as the Ruari or Rogers. children:

Mary 29 Feb 1821, Glanlough Daniel Donovan Mary McCarthy, died 28 Aug 1849.
Timothy 3 May 1822, Glanlough Daniel and Dorothea O’Donovan
Jane 29 Feb 1824, Glanlough, Charles McCarthy Jane Donovan
Ellen 13 Sept 1825, Glanlough, Richard O’Donovan Judith Sullivan
William 2 May 1827, Glanlough, Richard Blair Jane O’Donovan
Catherine 28 Aug 1828, Glanlough, Richard Blair Jane Baldwin
Daniel 23 Jan 1832, Donovan’s Cove, Jer O’Sullivan Mary O’Donovan.
Richard, Junior, married Anne Fitzgerald daughter of Thomas Fitzgerald, Merchant, Cork by Catherine McCarthy daughter of McCarthy of Woodview and niece of Daniel O’Connell M.P., he had one son Timothy.

John Barrett, son of John Barrett, Kilmichael, Co. Cork married Mary, daughter of Richard O’Donovan, O’Donovan’s Cove (C.H.&A.J. JCHAS Vol XI 1905, p.71), John Edward Barrett J.P., Carriganass, nephew of John above.

John Edward Barrett married daughter of William O’Sullivan Esq. Carriganass Castle, Kealkil.

Tradition has it that when O’Donovan left Glanlough he lived at Ahakista House now demolished (this was located near tin pub), near the then P.P. house (haunted). Timothy left Glanlough 1828-1832 (Paddy O’Keeffe, Bantry businessman).

15 Oct 1833, Richard second son of O’Donovan of the Cove married Maria O’Sullivan.
Tadgh O Donnabhain, Kilcrohane said that Miss Katty’s brother married daughter of Maurice Og and was thrown out and went to USA.

Richard O’Donovan – Mary (Maria) O’Sullivan, ‘at Keamatringane House, Berehaven, on the 13th October 1833 by the Rev. Ml. Devine P.P. Richard O’Donovan of Fort Lodge, Co. Cork, second son of Late Richard O’Donovan of O’Donovan’s Cove, Esq. to Maria lovely daughter of the late Morty O’Sullivan of Coolach and Reane (Reen?) and sister of the present head of the Clan Sullivan. By their marriage the ancient honourable and distinguished house of O’Donovan Carbery and O’Sullivan Bere are linked together, the mailed hand is now bound to protect and succour the gentle robin’ (Cork Constitution). Morty O’Sullivan’s father was John of Coulagh (his father also John of the same address) and his mother was Maria daughter of John Segerson.

From Durrus parish Register Children:
Maria 10 May 1835 Tullig Richard O’Donovan Hanora Sullivan
Richard 4 June 1836 Fort Lodge John Sullivan Mary Baldwin
Timothy 20 June 1843 Tullig William Donovan Anne O’Donovan
Catherine (Miss Katty) 31 May 1846, Tullig, Daniel and Mary Sullivan, died 1928 buried in Durrus Chapel yard with her cousin Jane Blair.

Finn’s journal 2nd May 1782, ‘Died Thomas Donovan of North Lowerton near Skibbereen left the bulk of his large fortune to Rev Mr Walsh co-adjutor to parish of Schull and his well chosen library of thousands of volumes, gold watch and gold repeater to Rev. Jas. Crowley, P.P. of above parish’ (POK). Is this father Walsh the one who baptised the Ardahill O’Donovans?


Type of deedDate of current deed31 Dec 1835VolPageMemorial
PartitionDate of earlier deed183607117183607117
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForenamePlaceOcc or titleA
AP1O’SULLIVANJohnofCawnious[?] House, Co Cork[?]trustee in 1833 marriage settlement of C&D
BP2BARRETTJohnofRunceview[Riverview] House, Co Corktrustee in 1833 marriage settlement of C&D
CP3O’DONOVANRichardofFort Lodge, Co CorkEsqA
DP3O’SULLIVANMariaofLametow[?] House, Co Cork[?]Spinster
EmentionedO’DONOVANRichardofO’Donovan’s Cove, CorkEsq; father of Richard & Daniel O’Donovan [C&F]; made will in 1825
GWD WMO’DONOVANRichardofCity of CorkGentlemanA
HWD WMBURKETimothyofMinteo Avenue, Co CorkfarmerA
AbstractPartition of lands inherited by C&F from their late father E
MSDate registered25 April 1836Date abstract added20180422

Abstract made by: RonPrice


Type of deedDate of current deed11 Jun 1827VolPageMemorial
DeedDate of earlier deed825534555469
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForenamePlaceOcc or titleA
AP1P1BLAIRRichard LewisofBlair’s Cove [Durrus], Co CorkEsq; described as Richard Blair in earlier marriage settlementA
BP2TAYLORAlfredofGreat Brunswick Street, City of DublinGent; Attorney at Law
CP3DONOVANRichardofClonakilty, Co CorkGentA
DP3P4JAGOEJohnofLahera [Lahern, Bantry], Co CorkEsqA
EP3P4O’DONOVANRichardofDonovan’s Cove [Durrus], Co CorkEsq
FP2O’DONOVANCatherineofDonovan’s Cove [Durrus], Co CorkSpinster; one of daughters of Richard O’Donovan [G]
GmentionedO’DONOVANRichardofDonovan’s Cove [Durrus], Co CorkEsq; deceased
HP4O’DONOVANDanielofDonovan’s Cove [Durrus], Co CorkEsq; Doctor of Medicine
IP4DONOVANDanielofSquice, Co CorkEsq
JP5MCCARTHYAlexanderofSkibbereen, Co CorkEsq; Doctor of Medicine; Executor of Richard O’Donovan [G]
KP5DEASYRichardofClonakilty, Co CorkEsq; Executor of Richard O’Donovan [G]
LWD WMEVANSONAllan[Alleyn]ofFour Mile Water [Durrus], Co CorkRev; ClerkA
MWD WMQUIN[?]RichardofWaterloolodge, Co CorkRev; ClerkA
NWD WMO’DONOVANJamesofSquince [Skibbereen], Co CorkEsqA
AbstractComplex legal agreement
MSDate registeredDate abstract added20181228

Abstract made by: RonPrice