Portrait of Dr. John O’Donovan (1809-1861), Scholar, National Gallery  on loan to Royal Irish Academy.


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Correspondence between Doctor John O’Donovan and Timothy O’Donovan, Magistrate from 1818, O’Donovan’s Cove, Durrus, West Cork, mentioning his grandfather educated at Toulouse, France, in 1754, lands held in trust mid 17th century by Protestant ‘Nominees’ who behaved with honour, recent history concerning Jerry ‘en Dana’ McCarthy and the McCarthys of Glanda, Dunmanway, denies claim of Rev. Morgan O’Donovan, of Douglas, Cork,  to be head of the Clan.

Some time around this Timothy’s son who appears to be a bit if a rake made a fool of himself at a public meeting in Cork proclaiming his right to be head of the Clan.  A lady from of one of the other branches challenged hi, he was forded to retract and left in disgrace.



From Grave Collection, Royal Irish Academy.