Irish Methodist Genealogy

The early Primitive Wesleyan Methodist class tickets were similar in form to those used for the 18th century turnpikes. They were bordered and dated and followed the design of their Wesleyan contemporaries with the date, in the first instance, being outside the border but later placed within it. The name of the Society was not inserted until September 1828. There were a variety of border designs used until 1846 by which time the ticket had evolved into its final format.

It remained thus until the union of Wesleyans and Primitive Wesleyans in 1878. Then the title of the Irish tickets was changed to ‘Methodist Society’ and it was further amended to ‘Methodist Church’ in December 1893.

The use of the word ‘Methodist’ without any descriptive adjective being appended anticipated a similar change in the English tickets by more than half a century.

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