Jack Dukelow (1866-1953), Rossmore, Durrus, West Cork, linking O’Sullivan Bere to Past and Present Governor of Louisiana and former US Senator for Louisiana.

Jack’s daughter Sarah was the mother of Ernest Dukelow who was adopted by the Snelling family in New Orleans in the early 1950s. He became an Attorney and married Mary Landriue, up to last year US Senator for Louisiana. Her brother is the current Governor and her father a former one of the State.

Jack’s grandmother was Margaret O’Sullivan one of the Hurrig Sept. She is descended from the 1774 marriage of Michael Sullivan and Mary Vickery of Whiddy Island. It is believed that Michael descends from O’Sullivan Bere, possibly on the Finnin Dubh side. He was a Heart Tax collector in Bantry and extensive middle man.

Interestingly one of the descendants of the Tedagh (Durrus/Bantry) branch in the 1830s was living in New Orleans and papers had to be sent to him for notarization in connection with a family settlement.

Jack Dukelow: