Irish Methodist Genealogy

George J Coalter, a village schoolmaster and evangelist, penned a brief account of a country service on the Ballinamallard circuit in his native Fermanagh. The preacher on that occasion (probably in the late 1880’s when Coalter was still a teenager) was Rev R Ker.

“The kitchen and room were full of people some of whom had come a considerable distance. The meeting began in the usual way” [hearty singing, much prayer and pointed preaching] “and after Mr Ker had preached for a short time, he stopped suddenly. Then he personally and audibly spoke to each one about his or her spiritual condition. In those days people were not offended by such an approach, although I believe some felt embarrassed.

Religion was in the very air of these Gospel services. I remember hearing the people sing on their homeward way from such a gathering……. Charles Wesley’s lines would describe the ‘meek…

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