Inis Beg, Growing Lemons by the Banks of the River Illen, Skibereen, West Cork, Roger Fenwicks, Blairs, Whites,  from 1710, the McCarthy Murroughs from 1860s, the Present Gardens

The Fenwicks were associated with the Whites later of Whiddy (originally from Co. Limerick despite their spurious genealogy), Blairs later Bantry/Durrus and Davies of Macroom ,in buying land cheap following the South Sea Bubble from the Hollow Blade Company in the 1710s.  Some of them were Law Students in the London Inns.  The Little Island referred to is Inis Beg in the Illen River, Skibbereen joined to the mainland by a bridge.

In the 1870s it was acquired by the Cork, Murrough family who took the extra name of McCarthy. One was a JP c 1875 a subscriber to Donovan’s history of Carbery.

The McCarthy Murrough Estate was acquired by the Land Commission c 1904 and only c 80 acres around the house remained:

Present Estate including lemons:

The present owners of the Inis Beg Estate, the Keane family, have done a magnificent job in restoring it.  In the glasshouse grow lemons, figs, and grapes.

1713 Witness of Deed Blair, Dunmanway

1818, Marries Coxes daughter:

Roger Fenwick, Little Island (Inis Beg) 1719, Trustee Marriage Settlement Blair/White, Dunanway later Bantry/Durrus

1763, Dublin:

Roger Fenwick deceased 1802: