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Sale of Calf Island and Doneen, Travenes, Aughadown, good for Seaweed, Kelp burning, half Ploughland, Six Gneeves, acquired by Samuel Townsend from Ecclesiastical Commissioners 1837, father of Samuel Nugent Townsend,  The Commissioners title arising from ‘All Gorts and Glebe lands acquired since 1688, and lands at Caheragh, Nine Gneeves, Title commencing with Lease of 9,999 years from 1749 from Tonson to Thomas Marmion then occupied by Thomas Wood Esq. by Lease from Robert Sandford, Gentleman, prior to 1850  occupied by Alexander O’Driscoll, Esq.

This may the Alexander O’Driscoll who was dismissed as a Justice of the Peace which caused a huge public outcry.

Tonsons are successors to Sir William Hull, Leamcon, Schull, 1600 active in the fishing, shipping and land business originating in the West of England.  The Hull family later spread out to Kinsale and Cork City but branches remained on the Mizen/Iveagh Peninsula.

Marmion Estates:

Townsend Family: