Courtesy, Barry Bradfield.

Thomas Swanton of Sparrograda.

Thomas Swanton was a very interesting character. He appears to have moved to Sparrograda, after the family inherited it from Judge Robert Swanton in 1840. He gave up these lands at the end of the famine and moved to Skibbereen. He was an antiquarian and Irish scholar. He  appears to have married late in life. The only marriage which can fit is the marriage of  William Swanton to Jane Sullivan in 1835. This marriage is somewhat backed up by the dates of birth of his daughters.   A Jane Swanton death is listed in the Skibbereen District it looks like Jane Sullivan Swanton.

I have not viewed the original to confirm.

Name: Jane Swanton

Event Type: Death

Event Date: 1875

Event Place: Skibbereen, Ireland

Registration Quarter and Year:1875

Registration District: Skibbereen

Age: 61

Birth Year (Estimated): 1814

Thomas gave up ownership of Sparrograda in the early 1850’s and went to live in  Skibbereen.   There is no record of the death of Thomas in either Civil or Church burial  records. Thomas appears to have had no sons. One of his daughters was still alive in 1940 (She gave a copy of his papers to Peadar Ó h-Arnacháin)  and living in Skibbereen.  These are the known daughters of Thomas Swanton.


1) Maria (1840-1852) details from her grave in Skibbereen.

2) Ellen (1838-1856) details from her grave in Skibbereen.

3) Annie (1839-1857) details from her grave in Skibbereen.

4) Jane (1839-1927) details from Skibbereen Eagle.

5) Hannah (1851-1941) details from Skibbereen Eagle.

6) Frances (1855-1916) per death cert and census.

1901 Census. The Swanton’s lived in house 21 Cork Road Skibbereen.

From this we know that Thomas was alive in 1855 when his youngest daughter was born and

that he most likely died before 1864 and the introduction of Civil Registration for deaths.

There is mention of him in Skibbereen in 1860.