Criss-crossing the North Atlantic mid to late 18th century, and letter November 1752 by Rev. James MacSparran from Narraganset, Rhode Island, New England,  to his friends back in Ireland including one to Paul Limrick, Rector Schull, West Cork, which commiserates with him about his son Robert marrying a Catholic. “Papists are Christians, and are to be preferred to many Protestant heretics I could name to you”

Many of the Limricks from the Catholic side of the house of Irish ancestry are descended from this Robert.

MacSparran’s letters are found in the Appendix to The History of the Episcopal Church in Naragansett, Rhode Island, which is available to read on the internet.

It is often assumed that when people emigrated to North America in the 18th century they never came home.  That is not entirely true.  Some miles from Schull live many of the Swanton family some of whom were business people, miller, shop owners, land owners and professional people.  Ginni Swanton in Seattle USA has done a lot of work on the family and has come up with correspondence showing that some faimily member spent a  few years in North America before returning home.

Likewise the Evansnson family  in Durrus has an association with the West Indies one marrying in Antigua before settling back to Cork.  One branch in Barbados were sugar planters and were compensate as slaveowners in Barbrados in 1820.