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Retracing the pre 1794 road from Durrus to Bantry, the Blind Piper, Old Mines, old road from Coomkeen to Ahagouna (Áth Gamhna: Calf’s Ford).

In 1794 Richard White later Lord Bantry paid for the building of a part of a new road from Durrus to Bantry. It replaced to road which commenced at Crottees went over the hill on a steep gradient and about a half mile to the north of the bog road and then going to Molloch and accessing the Bantry Cork road from that direction.

Above Clonee is a field known as ‘The Piper’s Field’ her a blind piper used to play the uileann pipes for whatever few coins passing traffic would bestow. The the population was up to 10 times the present.

To the north of the road before it goes into Mollock are the remains of old mines.
In Mollock is a grass area where the old pre 1794 school was located, there are no remains.

The new road was somewhat shorter but most likely the old road was too steep for the loads as the period marked the start of one of the greatest booms ever known in Irish Economic history occasioned by the French Wars.

Line of old road:

durrus path

durrus path2

It is still possible to see parts of the road however many parts have disappeared with land reclamation. The road was part of a network of paths, tracks and minor road from Coomkeen some of which are still evident.

Another road from Cookeen ran to the sea at Ahagouna over stepping stones still extant which were used before the Ahagouna bridge was built possible around 1700. Part of this was used up to the 1970s to access outlying fields.