Pre 1794 school at Molloch later at Aughagoheen, Parish of Durrus, West Cork.

There is a folk memory of the old school at MIloch which ws off the old road from Durrus to Bantry. This road was replaced by the present one along the bog road in 1794 by Richard Whire (later Lord Bantry), he owned the townland of Molloch. Some time later the school at Aughagoheen was built the location at the Bantry end of the Bog Road is known locally as School Heght.

There is not a trace now of either school. The stones from the Aughagoheen one was used in building a local house in

There is no reference to either school in the 1828 list of schools in the baronies of Carbery and Bantry and Bere. General location of Molloch school the other is on the right side of the Bog Road in the green area.



durrus path

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Aughagoheen Church of Ireland

This replaced a school across the lands in Molloch to the North. It was located just off the Bog Road at the entrance to George Swantons farm. There was an application from Rev. William O’Grady on a ‘Bantry Club’ letterhead seeking the entry of the school into the National System. It had been under the Church Education Society (founded 1839) and this involvement would finish on recognition. The patrons were Rev William O’Grady and E.E. Leigh White Esq. It was proposed to carry out certain work and to provide privies. It was suggested that George Pattison aged 18.5 would be the teacher and he would have a house provided by the parish. An inspection disclosed the school hours of 10 am to 2.30 pm with religion 2-2.30. There were 15 pupils 9 males and 6 females. It was later suggested that Annie Stephens be permitted to teach she had been a monitor at Carrigbui up to 3rd. class and was in sole charge for 10 months (this may have been Durrus C of I school). She would be eligible to act as a substitute and was to go for training later. The file indicated that there was no provision to supplement the teacher’s salary and Rev O’Grady replied that the parish was very poor but later proposed to pay £10 in addition to the state salary. The teacher in any event was prepared to work without a local subvention. In the event the appointment went to Miss Susanna Perrott, aged 20 from 1 September 1902, she had trained at the Church of Ireland College at Kildare Street. The school was expected to have 29 plus pupils including 2 from Scart Catholic School which at that time had an attendance averaging between 24.9 and 38.4. After recognition the roll was 17 boys and 6 girls and the attendance ranged between 10 and 18.5. Miss Rebecca Kingston resigned as teacher from 10 March 1910, and it was suggested that the school be closed and the children go to Bantry, at a conveyance cost of £63 per annum. The Rev O’Grady appealed this on hardship grounds, pointing out that many of the children had to come up a side road. The Inspector conducted an enquiry, looking at the distances the children had to travel and their ages. In the end it was agreed that the school stay open. The family names of the children were Swanton (3 families), Love, Foley, Jagoe, Sullivan, Shannon and Deane. Miss Florence M. Clarke resigned from 28 August 1914 and Ella Newman took over (she had been a junior literary mistress in Bantry) from 8 August 1911. She had trained at St. Mary’s Shandon passed the relevant exam and was given provisional recognition from 22 October 1915, the non payment of salary while her appointment was being sanctioned caused hardship. The school closed and the vacant building was eventually purchased by Mr Swanton of Clonee in 1930 for £20 who employed Dan Brien High Road who used the stones from it to build a new farmhouse.

Miss Susanna Perrott, 1902 Miss Rebecca Kingston, – 1910
Miss Jennings 1912 Miss Florence M Clarke 191?-1914
Miss Ella Newman 1915-

List of schoolchildren at Aughagoheen school 1910
Ref: School File Series ED91600524789

Children of Young Swanton – ¼ Mile from School

Name Age
May Swanton 6 ¾ Annie 3 ¾
Joseph 10 ¼ Young 11 ¼
Michael 12 ¼

Children of James Swanton – ½ Mile from School

Name Age
Susie S wanton 5 ½ Grace Swanton 7 ¾
Mary Swanton 10 ¼

Children of J. Swanton, Clonee – 1 ½ Miles from School

Name Age
James Swanton 11 ¼ Susie Swanton 14 ½
Name Age
Annie Swanton 6 Sarah Swanton 10 ¼
Samuel Swanton 11 ¾
The Love Family
Lily Love 5 ¾ Mary A. Love 7 ¼
Francis Love 8 ¾ John Love 12 ¼
Cathy Love 13 ¾ Michael Love 15 ½

Charles Foley 6 ¼

May J. Jagoe 8 ¾ Willie Jagoe 15
Thomas Sullivan 12 ¾ Michael Sullivan 11 ¾) 1 1/8 miles through the fields in good weather
Dynah Sullivan 12 ¾) Willie Shannon 15 ¾)
Nellie Shannon 14 ¾) James Deane

The ages of the children and the distance from the school were given, as there was an enquiry by the School Inspector as to whether the school should be closed down, and the children transferred to Bantry, and as to whether this would constitute hardship. The ultimate conclusion was that the school should remain open, in view of the potential hardship to the children. There was a school in Moloch supported by the Church Education Scciety and there are references to it in 1835 (as Clonee) in the application for registration of the Four Mile Water School and in the Rev Cole’s history of the dioceses in the 1860s. before this the site is visible from the Bog Road north towards high ground, this was the old road to Bantry.