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Supervlu Musgraves of Cork, Warners of Bantry, Atridges of Ballydehob and Hadji Bey

The historian Turtle Bunbury has a piece on the Cork Musgraves and their Roscommon origins. The family of Stuart Musgrave descend on the female line from the Warners of Bantry and Attridges of Ballydehob.

The Cork Musgraves are a remarkable family developing from a small shop on the North Main Street to the present enterprise. Jack Musgrave in the early and mid 20th century guided the company from its premises at the Coal Quay. They were involved in sugar rationing and distribution for the Cork area during the War.

The family was Methodist which may account for the Warner and Attridge connection both West Cork Methodist families. Up to the late 1960s Cork business, education, medicine and other professional services was organized along religious lines. It was not possible to enter the management ranks in Musgraves unless you were family or a Protestant. They were no different then comparable firms, Michael Smurfit refers to the phenomena in Dublin until the mid 1960s in his recent biography.

Being Methodist the family kept one of their businesses the Metropole Hotel on McCurtin Street ‘dry’ until around 1970, it was also said that the hotel refused bookings for any sports which played on the Sabbath. Interestingly the Turkish Delight shop Hadji Beys founded by Edward Barnazzian formerly a Law Student at Constantinople University and fled to Cork in 1902 was within the curtilage of the hotel block.Edward Barnazzian was not in fact Turkish but one of the unfortunate Armenians who were exterminated by the Turks. The 20th century’s first example of mass extermination.


The Warners may have come to Bantry pre 1600 possibly in connection with the fishing industry. There is a probate c 1670 for a Warner in Kilcrohane. The were well established by the late 17th century middling to strong farmers with an element of Middle Men on the Bantry and Kenmare Estates. In Richard White’s rental notebook 1780s, the ancestor of the Earl of Bantry there is a reference to the family as being trustworthy, honest, hard working and who should be favoured on lease renewal. Later the family were saddle makers and in retail. Their Bantry business continued until around 1980. Their bread was a delicacy. Interestingly in the notorious case of the murder of Bird by Cadogan in Bantry 1900 his office where he was killed was over Warner’s shop on Barrack Street.


Family members went to Skibbereen where Mrs Musgrave originated.

The Bantry Warners are buried in large tombs in the old Bantry Garryvucha Graveyard.

Soe details of the families genealogy are contained here.




The Attridges are very numerous in the Skibbereen Durrus area with Church of Ireland, Methodist and Catholic families.