Briseann an dúchas trí shúile an chait, Cork families of Danish Origin.

A genetic map of Ireland published some time ago mixing DNA testing with other sources highlighted two hot spots of Danish origin.

One was East Cork home to the Cotter family. The West Cork Cotters originate from some families forcibly expelled from East Cork c 1650 and who settled in Inchigeela. Even still the old church there is used as their burial place.

The other is around Courtmacsherry home to the Coppingers. One of the family Sir Walter Coppinger ( in the late 16th and early 17th century amassed a huge estate through the provision of mortgages. Many of the clients defaulted including the McCarthys thereby forfeiting lands at Ballycomane in Durrus and around Caheragh. He backed the wrong horse in the wars of the 17th century and was attained for treason and his lands eventually passed in the Carbery Estate (Freke-Evans).

Some features such as blond hair still recur. The poet J. J. Callanan whose mother was a Coppinger was blond until his early death in 1829.

Recent DNA evidence of Cork people is showing up Norwegian matches with a variation of the Coppinger name.

Like most who came to Ireland in the last 10,000 descendants have changed language and religion. Some of the Coppinger and Cotter families became prominent as Magistrates:

Henry Coppinger, 1687

Luke Coppinger, 1688

Maurice Coppinger, 1762, Spring Ville

Robert Coppinger, 1665, Possibly Lord Mayor Cork, 1644

Robert Coppinger, 1754

Thomas Coppinger, 1687

Thomas Henry Coppinger, 1783, Grange

Sir James Cotter, Bart., 1764

Sir James Cotter, 1771, Rockforest