Tóg go bog an saol and tógfaidh as saol go bog leat (Take life aisy and life will take you aisy too), Life is like a old bag take a squeeze out it every now and them, from the Tailor and Ansty, The Tailor meets the Orangemen on the bridge over the Lagan in Belfast another Tailor and his Geese.

Tadgh Ó Buachall was a tailor from South Kerry but spent most of his life with his wife Anastasia (Ansty) in Gougán Barra. His wit, stories and attractive personality made their home a mecca for Cork intellectuals in the 1920 such as Frank O’Connor (Michael O’Donovan), Seán Ó Faoileáin and the sculptor Seamus Murphy. A pharmacist Eric Cross wrote their story “The Tailor and Ansty’. The book fell foul of the local Priest who had the tailor publicly burn it.


In his early years the tailor worked for a period in Glasgow and while on the way there was crossing the Lagan in Belfast when he was beset by Orangemen.

They demanded that he say F… the Pope or be thrown into the Lagan. He immediately said F.. the Pope. They were flabbergasted as no Belfast Catholic would say such a tuning. They asked him why and he said, “men its like this, there will always be a Pope but there is only one me”.

An unrelated tailor features in a story of Eamon Kelly the Kerry seanachaí (story teller). A tailor and his apprentice were working and he noticed that his goose, an iron used to put creases into suits was nearly worn out. He asked the apprentice to write for a new one and then he thought they should get another. They both them agonised as to whether they should say two tailor’s geese or gooses not wanting to be wrong and see foolish. Eventually he got a brainwave, Ladeen he says write off for one tailor’s goose, and put a ps in the letter, ‘while you are at it sent another.