The use of seaweed in farming, Edible seaweeds, rights to harvest seaweed attaching to land in townlands of Brahalish and Rossmoe, Durrus, West Cork, Rev. Caesar Otway 1822 on seaweed use Mount Gabriel/Dunbeacon.

Some farms in these townlands had the right to harvest seaweed from designated spots on the shore some markedn by rocks and given names. The same may also be the case for other townlands near the shore. This is in addition to turbidly rights (the entitlement to harvest turf) and commonage where it applied.

Courtesy Four Courts Press

Caesar Otway 1822 commenting on seaweed use near MountGabriel/Dunbeacon.

Carraigín, edible seaweed, moss
Duileasc, edible sea weed
Meadhbhán, dilisk,edible seaweed