Incidents from Land War, Durrus, West Cork, 1881-1887.

December 1881 National Teachers Leary and Daly coming from chapel shot at sign from “Rory’ proclaimed that school was being boycotted.
February 1882 Shot fired into house of Daniel Burke and son slightly injured notice posted to door not to work for boycotted men. (May be Burke Coomkeen who was a gamekeeper for Lord Bandon)
20th September 1882 District proclaimed, a number of outrages, Daly summons server beaten severely dwelling attacked and crops maliciously destroyed
27th November 1882 reported the Rev. Pratt, Church of Ireland Minister, shot at while Mr. Morris landlord staying with him. (Morris held lands at Morreagh, descendants of Evansons and ancestor of Eldon Potter editor ‘Skibbereen Eagle’)
6th December 1882 Dublin Gazette reported area proclaimed and extra Constables sent.
1882 farmer had ears cut off two sheep and a third strangled cow’s tail cut off
1st – 30th April 1883 extra policing costs £20, warrant in Gazette 30th May 1883. Temporary police shelters were built.
15th April 1884 house of O’Regan raided for arms he was interviewed by Warburton Resident magistrate (formerly Military and RIC Officer from Co. Offaly)and Mr Starkie Criminal Investigation Department re seditious documents and copy of ‘United Ireland’ and letters taken. Question raised in Parliament by Willie Redmond 21st June 1884 stated that O’Regan intended to return to the United States.
10 April 1886 allegations of vote snatching for election of Poor Law Guardians Bantry involving vote of Colonel Somerville Durrus Court. Also Ahakista, Gurtnakilla and Sheepshead.
January 1887 moonlight attack four armed men on house of Mr. Burleigh Petty Session Clerk (also parish Clerk later lived at beach House, Bantry) one mile from Durrus

Doherty Land Agent in Bandon (Messrs Wheller Doherty Solicitors and Lad Agents, took over running ‘Western’ Bandon Estate from Colonel Bernard c 1870) for the Earl of Bandon reported that the Protestant tenants in Durrus were refusing to pay rent ‘no better then animals’.