Incident from Land War in Lisangle, Caheragh, West Cork, December 1881, Petty Session Justices. insist on evidence before issuing warrant.

The Downes referred to is probably a Solicitor as is Fitzmaurice probably a misspelling for Mrs..  The Justices were Landlords.

SKIBBEREEN PETTY SESSIONS.—At the weekly petty sessions the presiding justices were—Messrs. J. R. H. Becher, chairman ; R. B. Hungerford, H. R. Marmion, and G. Robinson. Mrs. Fitzmaurice made an application for warrant of arrest, upon information that would be sworn by Mrs. Margaret M’Carthy, of Lisangle, whose farmyard had been entered in the middle of the night, a shot fired, and some of her cattle driven away. She is the widow of the poor-law guardian who recently fell from his horse and was killed while returning from Ballydehob. Mr. Downes observed that it was a most unusual course. He would not like to be the magistrate who signed such a warrant. The bench decided on hearing the evidence. Mrs. Margaret M’Carthy, widow (sworn), said her farmyard had been entered into in the middle of the night, a shot was fired ; she got out of bed, and followed the party ; came up with them ; one of them turned around, she saw his face, and said, “I know you” ; it was Denis M’Carthy. Mr Collins, Petty Sessions Clerk, who had taken down the evidence, was directed by the bench to prepare a warrant for the arrest of Denis M’Carthy to issue on the information being sworn.—Adjourned.