There is a long history of mining in the Durrus/Mizen area. There is a reference c 1310 by Edmund Gould in the British History online papers to a lead mine in Belamire which is probably near Sea Lodge (Townland Gearhameen), Durrus.

The historic Ordnance Survey map c 1830 shows a Lead Mine in the vicinity of Clonee to the south of the present Bog Road from Durrus to Bantry.

This is from the local newspaper later known as ‘The Skibbereen Eagle’ notorious for ‘Keeping an eye on the Czar’ and later incorporated into the ‘Southern Star’.

Slate Quarries Drimoleague, Sea Lodge Kilcrohane Skibbereen Eagle 1865

Dreenlomane Barytes Mines, Dunbeacon, Mizen Peninsula closed 1920.