This return was made to Parliament. The House of Apothecaries continued to operate in Dublin until 1972.

Transcribed by Kae Lewis:

Apart from the main urban centers there are many from the smaller towns in the northern counties. Many of these may have emigrated later.


William Gallewey, 1685,
William Gosnell 1835,
William Gonell, the Younger, 1838,
John Herrick, 1751,
George Holmes 1741,
George Holmes 1843,
John Kinneally 1749,

In the West Cork area:


1754 William Goodwin, Apothecary, named in White Lease Lease 1754 between Richard White and Richard Goodwin, Apothecarry, for a tenement and premises near Great Bridge formerly held by Rev. John Kenny and Item 732, UCC Library, Bantry House Collection.
Samuel Young 1792, 1800 set up own shop (the Youngs were in the fishing business in Bantry since the 1640s)
John Young 1818
Samuel Young 1818
John Field 1822

William Belcher, Bridge Street 1787,
George Beamish, 1796,
William St. John Jagoe, Bridge Street,1787,
William Jagoe 1811,
Edward Homan 1811,
Francis House, 1787,
Edward Hayes, 1813,
Francis Hayes 1810
Richard Lone and surgeon 1787,
James Trasilian 1816
William Gash 1816
Robert Wheeler 1816, 1824 set up own shop
William Cooke 1817
Henry Belcher 1820
Edward Toole 1822
David Scott 1822
Alexander Heard 1824

Castletown Bere
Richard Duchet, wife Harriet daughter Avice, 1839
Mathew B. Lepubure, also doctor, wife Angelina, daughter Anglina Coppinger O’Donovan, son Cladius Anthony Lewis, 1840.

James Deasey 1813, 1821 open on his own
Gresham Herrick 1813
James Spiller 1816. 1819.
Michael Deasy 1819
John Bennett 1820
James Collins 1820
James O’Regan 1820, 1823
Tomas Spiller 1829

Thomas Holmes 1828

Moses le Croix, Huguenot, late 17th century
Denis Kelly 1806,
Denis Kelly 1813
Patrick McAllenon 1813
John McCarthy 1813
Thomas Markhams 1824,
John Newman, wife Elizabeth son Martin, 1728,
John O’Regan 1826
Richard Griffith 1827
Thomas Hackett 1826
Robert Smith 1787

Nicholas White, wife Mary, son 1821 sponsors Corless Hawkins Barter Mrs Eliz Cooper
Thomas Massey (Janeville) 1824

JohnM Mahoney 1826

James Crowley 1800
Alexander McCarthy 1808 set up own shop
John McCarthy 1816
Francis Clerke 1817
Stephen Sweetnam 1824
Jonathan Clarke 1824
Cornelius O’Driscoll (Hollybrook) 1826
Daniel Donovan 1826
Jer Crowley 1827
Denny Taylor 1827
G.A.Rountree 1828
1835 James William Carey aged 1 year 8 months died his father Mr. Carey Apothecary, Skibbereen

The Royal College of Physicians have returns of Apothecaries from 1792 to 1972:

On medical matters in the Irish Catalogue of the National Library there is an extensive collection of manuscripts of medical textbooks, books of remedies, cures etc all in Irish which can be inspected and photographed. Some of these go back to the 13th century.

University College Cork are involved in a major project to digitalise the old Irish medical Texts: