West Cork History


This return was made to Parliament. The House of Apothecaries continued to operate in Dublin until 1972.

Transcribed by Kae Lewis:


Apart from the main urban centers there are many from the smaller towns in the northern counties. Many of these may have emigrated later.


William Gallewey, 1685,
William Gosnell 1835,
William Gonell, the Younger, 1838,
John Herrick, 1751,
George Holmes 1741,
George Holmes 1843,
John Kinneally 1749,

In the West Cork area:


1754 William Goodwin, Apothecary, named in White Lease Lease 1754 between Richard White and Richard Goodwin, Apothecarry, for a tenement and premises near Great Bridge formerly held by Rev. John Kenny and Item 732, UCC Library, Bantry House Collection.
Samuel Young 1792, 1800 set up own shop (the Youngs were in the fishing business in Bantry since the 1640s)
John Young 1818
Samuel Young 1818
John Field 1822

William Belcher, Bridge Street…

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