The Commissioners of Education reported on Classical Schools in 1812 including. Midleton, Bandon Kinale, Clonakilty:

Midleton (Middleton):

Founded by Elizabeth Countess of Orkney, provided for an endowment fro 2,000 acres, worth in 1812 £2,000 per annum. School house can accomodate 50 borders, very old over a century. in bad repair. Headmaster Rev Richard Grier appointed 1799, salary £100 and £40 as usher, £10 as agent. £10 for repairs, four exhibitions of 10 shillings each. 6 boarders, 8 day scholars for two of whom are Catholics four scholars have left two have entered University. Staff consists of one classical assistant £40 with board and lodging.

Terms are 30 guineas for boarders 8 guineas for for day-scholars.
Numbers have declined in 1783 there were 65 boarders, 1788 10 boarders, 8 day scholars and in 1812 14 in total. Several large classical schools nearby Fermoy, Midleton another nearby the headmaster of which is a Catholic Priest. In 1723 Mr. Harris of Cork left rents for a Mathematical Lectureship but not taken up.

Endowed by the Earl of Cork and Burlington 1610 now £20 per annum. Headmaster Rev. William Sullivan his house lately built by order of the late Duke. 20 boarders and 25 day-scholars, one classical assistant. No provision in endowment for free education.


Recently established by the earl of Shannon. This is can accommodate 30 boarders opened 1808. Rev.W.Stewart Master in view of reputation of present master he has enlarged by taking an adjoining house can now accommodate a total of 100 boarders. and 12 day-scholars. Three resident assistants as well as Masters of French, Writing and Dancing.

At present one of the most reputable and largest Classical Seminaries in the South of Ireland

Kinsale (Kingsale):

Endowed in 1767 by Lord de Clifford, with a salary of £50 per annum with a large house formerly occupied by his ancestor Mr. Southwell. Schoolmaster Rev. John Stewart in 1810 in Mr. Stewart’s private house cannot accommodate more then 2 or 3 boarders and 30 day scholars. Boys are the sons of neighboring gentlemen and wealthier class of Shopkeepers