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The register was transcribed by the Public Record Office in 1949 (p59-153) M5061, parts of the original are difficult to decipher. It may be the case that the graveyard was shared with Catholics as there are a lot of ‘Catholic’ names far more than are usually found in 18th century Church of Ireland records.
The burials will have many Catholics. It is possible that not all are buried in the C of I graveyard as it appears very small. There are however many beautiful Catholic headstones in the grounds. The C of I had ownership of all old church sites and burial fees were an income. In some cases they did not follow up on the old churches/graveyards in a parish but in others they did. All Catholics and most non conformists in Dublin are buried in C of I burial grounds up to the early 1800’s and the 1st Catholic graveyard in Dublin was only in the 1820’s. As such C of I burial records are a great source for early Catholic death,
The Christian names are slightly different than those typically found 100 years later. The records suggest widespread childhood fatal illnesses with several members of the same family dying within a short period presumably children. In the original some of the entries have a symbol ‘+’ against the date, the reason is not apparent.


Full original register: