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The records were transcribed my Margaret Griffith, Assistant Keeper in teh Public Records Office, Dublin 1961 from papers deposited by the Rector.

Apart from local families there are many references to personnel in the Royal Navy, British Army and Allihies Mines, many of whose personnel came from Cornwall.  The Puxley family who owned the mines and who are the model for Daphne du Maurier’s book ‘Hungry Hill’ are frequently mentioned

Down Survey 1665-68



http://www.corkpastandpresent.ie/history/batch3/cole_cropped.pdfMilitary Units Mentioned

Royal Navy throughout

70th Regiment 1788

2nd Regiment 1789

24th Regiment 1789

1st or Royal Regiment 1789

51st Regiment of Foot 1790

41st Regiment o Foot 190

Royal Veterans Battalion of Foot 1800  Royal Artillery 1805 many years to 1826

Leitrim Militia 1806, 1807

4th Royal Veteran Battalion 1808

1st Garrison Battalion 1807. 1808, 1812, 1813 1814

34th Regiment 1808

3rd Garrison Battalion 1812

Tipperary or Munster Regiment 1815

2nd Garrison 1816

2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade 1824

19th Infantry 1826 9th Battalion of Artillery 1808

3rd Garrison 1811 1812

Carlow Militia 1816


Methodist Records

Click to access methodist-baptismal-register-berehave-co-cork-mines-1842-1878.pdf

Killaconenagh (Berehaven), dioceses of Ross


General register commencing 1787, (entries in original are in no regular order.  In the present copy they have been arranged in separate series of baptisms, marriages and burials)


Certified by me Margaret C. Griffith, Deputy  Keeper, Completer 16th November 1961 from copy temporarily deposited by rector.




P.1 1878