Flax was grown in West Cork in the 18th and early 19th century and its growth was promoted by landowners including Lord Bandon and the Earl of Bantry. There are numerous references to linen weavers in the period. See re 1749 and Cox in Dunmanway:


It underwent a revival during World War 1 and later World War 2. These articles are from the Adrdfield/Rathbarry JournalNo. 1 of 1998/9 and Roscarbery Past and Present Vol 5 2003.

In Bennet’s History of Bandon he refers to Sir Richard Cox’s efforts to develop flax growing and linen in Dunmanway in the early 18th century. The memories of William Jennings 1837-1922 who went to Australia refer to his longing for the Flax Mills on the River Bandon in Dunmanway:


In Ross Cathedral records the following appear, John son of Daniel Carthy, Froyle, flax dresser 30 July 1739, Tim Connolly, linen weaver, 1774, John Fisher linen weaver 1791.

In the field name survey c 2005 there is a field in Coomkeen, Durrus known as the Flax field and there are other fields in the Parish of this name.

http://www.paulturner.ca/Ireland/Cork/HOB/hob-19.htmFlax Growing in west Cork

Flax Growers of Ireland, 1796 – County Cork
Ahern Timothy Ross Cork
Alleyn Charles Kilkerranmore Cork
Arundel William Lislee Cork
Arundell Margaret Kilkerranmore Cork
Badee Margaret Island Cork
Barnard Cornelius Drinagh Cork
Barnard Timothy Drinagh Cork
Barret John Desertserges Cork
Barrett Daniel Desertserges Cork
Barrett James Desertserges Cork
Barrett Julian Desertserges Cork
Barrett Mary Desertserges Cork
Barrett Peter Desertserges Cork
Barry David Kinneigh Cork
Barry Edward Lislee Cork
Barry John Caheragh Cork
Barry Margaret Ross Cork
Barry Michael Rathbarry Cork
Barry William Ardfield Cork
Barry William Drinagh Cork
Barule Daniel Rathbarry Cork
Bateman Charles Drinagh Cork
Bateman Daniel Drinagh Cork
Bateman John Drinagh Cork
Bateman Thomas Desertserges Cork
Bawn Cornelius Island Cork
Beamish John Ardfield Cork
Beamish John Desertserges Cork
Beamish Thomas Dromdaleague Cork
Bennet Mary Kilmeen Cork
Bennett Henry Drinagh Cork
Bennett John Kilgarriff Cork
Bennett John Kilmeen Cork
Birckley Mary Ardfield Cork
Boag John Ardfield Cork
Boague John Ardfield Cork
Bohane Cornelius Kilkerranmore Cork
Bohane Laurence Kilkerranmore Cork
Bouge Cornelius Ross Cork
Bouig Daniel Kilkerranmore Cork
Bowlin John Ross Cork
Boyd Joseph Drinagh Cork
Boyd Samuel Drinagh Cork
Bradeen Dennis Ross Cork
Brady Patrick Ross Cork
Bredeen Catherine Castleventry Cork
Brenan Denis Kilmeen Cork
Brennan Darby Drinagh Cork
Brian Mary Desertserges Cork
Brian William Desertserges Cork
Brien Catherine Kilkerranmore Cork
Brien Cornelius Ardfield Cork
Brien Cornelius Kilmeen Cork
Brien Daniel Desertserges Cork
Brien Daniel Drinagh Cork
Brien Daniel Kilmeen Cork
Brien Daniel Rathbarry Cork
Brien Darby Drinagh Cork
Brien Darby Kilmeen Cork
Brien Denis Kilmeen Cork
Brien Dennis Caheragh Cork
Brien Dennis Drinagh Cork
Brien Dennis Ross Cork
Brien Eleanor Kilmeen Cork
Brien Ellen Drinagh Cork
Brien James Kilmeen Cork
Brien James Rathbarry Cork
Brien John Ardfield Cork
Brien John Desertserges Cork
Brien John Drinagh Cork
Brien John Fanlobbus Cork
Brien John Kilmeen Cork
Brien John Rathbarry Cork
Brien Mary Kilfaughnabeg Cork
Brien Timothy Ballymoney Cork
Brien Timothy Drinagh Cork
Brien Timothy Fanlobbus Cork
Brien Timothy Island Cork
Brien Timothy Kilmacabea Cork
Brien William Desertserges Cork
Brien William Island Cork
Brineen Patrick Ballymoney Cork
Bruin Dennis Lislee Cork
Brun Dennis Ballymoney Cork
Buckley Timothy Kilkerranmore Cork
Bue Owen Island Cork
Bue Timothy Rathbarry Cork
Bulter John Drinagh Cork
Bulter Thomas Drinagh Cork
Burke Daniel Fanlobbus Cork
Burke Michael Drinagh Cork
Burke Thomas Lislee Cork
Burke Timothy Drinagh Cork
Buttemor Robert Ardfield Cork
Buttemore Maurice Kilkerranmore Cork
Buttemore Timothy Ardfield Cork
Cahill Timothy Fanlobbus Cork
Caholane Daniel Castleventry Cork
Calanan Daniel Ardfield Cork
Calanan Daniel Ballymoney Cork
Calanan Denis Ross Cork
Calanan Dennis Castleventry Cork
Calanan James Ardfield Cork
Calanan John Ardfield Cork
Calanan John Rathbarry Cork
Calanan Patrick Kilkerranmore Cork
Calinane Jeremiah Kinneigh Cork
Callanan John Ardfield Cork
Callanan John Drinagh Cork
Calnan Daniel Ardfield Cork
Calnan Denis Kilmeen Cork
Calnan James Ardfield Cork
Calnan John Ross Cork
Calnan Margaret Ardfield Cork
Calnan Michael Rathbarry Cork
Calnane John Kilfaughnabeg Cork
Canty Anthony Desertserges Cork
Canty Jeremiah Kilnagross Cork
Canty Mary Kilkerranmore Cork
Canty Timothy Ballymoney Cork
Canty Timothy Castleventry Cork
Canty Timothy Kilkerranmore Cork
Canty Timothy Ross Cork
Carrol Darby Ardfield Cork
Carthy Bridget Kilmeen Cork
Carthy Cal. Ardfield Cork
Carthy Cal. Kilkerranmore Cork
Carthy Charles Kilkerranmore Cork
Carthy Cornelius Ballymoney Cork
Carthy Cornelius Kilmacabea Cork
Carthy Cornelius Kilmeen Cork
Carthy Cornelius Ross Cork
Carthy Daniel Drinagh Cork
Carthy Daniel Kilkerranmore Cork
Carthy Daniel Kilmeen Cork
Carthy Daniel Rathbarry Cork
Carthy Darby Desertserges Cork
Carthy Darby Kilkerranmore Cork
Carthy Darby Kilmeen Cork
Carthy Denis Kilmacabea Cork
Carthy Denis Kilmeen Cork
Carthy Dennis Ballymoney Cork
Carthy Dennis Fanlobbus Cork
Carthy Dennis Kilmeen Cork
Carthy Florence Kilkerranmore Cork
Carthy Francis Ballymoney Cork
Carthy Frank Kilkerranmore Cork
Carthy Jeremiah Kilmeen Cork
Carthy Joanna Kilkerranmore Cork
Carthy John Island Cork
Carthy John Kilkerranmore Cork
Carthy John Kilmacabea Cork
Carthy John Kilmeen Cork
Carthy Joseph Kilmeen Cork
Carthy Mary Desertserges Cork
Carthy Mary Kilmeen Cork
Carthy Michael Kilkerranmore Cork
Carthy Michael Kilmeen Cork
Carthy Owen Drinagh Cork
Carthy Patrick Kilkerranmore Cork
Carthy Patrick Kilmeen Cork
Carthy Timothy Desertserges Cork
Carthy Timothy Kilgarriff Cork
Carthy Timothy Kilmacabea Cork
Carthy Timothy Kilmeen Cork
Carthy William Island Cork
Cathy Daniel Ardfield Cork
Ceally Neal Drinagh Cork
Chambers Thomas Kilgarriff Cork
Clancy Jeremiah Ardfield Cork
Clancy John Ardfield Cork
Clarke Martha Fanlobbus Cork
Cleary Daniel Kilkerranmore Cork
Coghlan Catherine Desertserges Cork
Coghlan Darby Desertserges Cork
Coghlan Eleanor Desertserges Cork
Coghlan John Castleventry Cork
Coghlan Michael Castleventry Cork
Coghlan Thomas Ardfield Cork
Coghlan William Ross Cork
Coghran John Rathbarry Cork
Cohane John Ardfield Cork
Cohane Timothy Desertserges Cork
Coholan Dennis Castleventry Cork
Coholane Cornelius Kilmacabea Cork
Coholane Patrick Kilmacabea Cork
Coholane Timothy Kilgarriff Cork
Coholon Daniel Kilmeen Cork
Cole Charles Caheragh Cork
Coleman James Lislee Cork
Coleman Richard Ballymoney Cork
Collins Andrew Rathbarry Cork
Collins Anne Kilkerranmore Cork
Collins Catherine Ballymoney Cork
Collins Catherine Fanlobbus Cork
Collins Cornelius Drinagh Cork
Collins Cornelius Kilmeen Cork
Collins Daniel Drinagh Cork
Collins Daniel Kilkerranmore Cork
Collins Daniel Kilmeen Cork
Collins Darby Castleventry Cork
Collins Darby Desertserges Cork
Collins Darby Kilmeen Cork
Collins Denis Kilmeen Cork
Collins Dennis Caheragh Cork
Collins Dennis Drinagh Cork
Collins Dennis Fanlobbus Cork
Collins Dennis Rathbarry Cork
Collins Edward Ballymoney Cork
Collins Honora Fanlobbus Cork
Collins James Drinagh Cork
Collins James Kilkerranmore Cork
Collins Jeremiah Kilkerranmore Cork
Collins John Ballymoney Cork
Collins John Dromdaleague Cork
Collins John Island Cork
Collins John Kilgarriff Cork
Collins John Kilkerranmore Cork
Collins John Kilmeen Cork
Collins Judith Fanlobbus Cork
Collins Judith Kilmeen Cork
Collins Julian Kilgarriff Cork
Collins Malachy Ardfield Cork
Collins Mathew Desertserges Cork
Collins Matthew Kilmeen Cork
Collins Maurice Kilkerranmore Cork
Collins Patrick Ballymoney Cork
Collins Patrick Island Cork
Collins Thomas Kilfaughnabeg Cork
Collins Thomas Kilmeen Cork
Collins Timothy Drinagh Cork
Collins Timothy Fanlobbus Cork
Commane Lareunce Ross Cork
Connel Darby Drinagh Cork
Connell Daniel Kilmeen Cork
Connell John Kilmeen Cork
Connell Timothy Caheragh Cork
Connelly Cornelius Drinagh Cork
Connelly John Ardfield Cork
Connelly Richard Drinagh Cork
Connolly Cornelius Dromdaleague Cork
Connolly Daniel Desertserges Cork
Connolly Daniel Rathbarry Cork
Connolly Darby Drinagh Cork
Connolly Darby Dromdaleague Cork
Connolly Jeremiah Rathbarry Cork
Connolly Thomas Drinagh Cork
Connor Cain Fanlobbus Cork
Connor Charles Kilkerranmore Cork
Connor Daniel Kilkerranmore Cork
Connor John Kilmacabea Cork
Connor Matthew Fanlobbus Cork
Connor Owen Kilnagross Cork
Connor Timothy Kilkerranmore Cork
Connor Widow Kilkerranmore Cork
Conolly Maurice Ross Cork
Cooul Timothy Ballymoney Cork
Corcoran Daniel Island Cork
Corcoran Darby Ardfield Cork
Corcoran Ellen Ardfield Cork
Corcoran John Island Cork
Cotter Ann Kilnagross Cork
Cotter Richard Desertserges Cork
Coughalane Michael Kilgarriff Cork
Coughlan Daniel Desertserges Cork
Coughlan Daniel Kilnagross Cork
Coughlan Michael Ardfield Cork
Coughran Cornelius Kilmichael Cork
Counoosig Daniel Ardfield Cork
Counough James Ardfield Cork
Covency John Ballymoney Cork
Crimmeen Darby Ross Cork
Crimmeen Jeremiah Rathbarry Cork
Crimmeen Michael Kilgarriff Cork
Crimmeen Owen Desertserges Cork
Crispin Thomas Kilkerranmore Cork
Cronckane Timothy Ardfield Cork
Crone Daniel Desertserges Cork
Crone Daniel Kilgarriff Cork
Cronikane Cornelius Island Cork
Crowley Andrew Ballymoney Cork
Crowley Catherine Ballymoney Cork
Crowley Catherine Kilmeen Cork
Crowley Charles Drinagh Cork
Crowley Cornelius Fanlobbus Cork
Crowley Cornelius Island Cork
Crowley Darby Ballymoney Cork
Crowley Denis Kilmeen Cork
Crowley Dennis Ballymoney Cork
Crowley Eleanor Fanlobbus Cork
Crowley Florence Kilmacabea Cork
Crowley James Creagh Cork
Crowley Jeremiah Ballymoney Cork
Crowley Jeremiah Fanlobbus Cork
Crowley Jeremiah Ross Cork
Crowley John Ballymoney Cork
Crowley Margaret Fanlobbus Cork
Crowley Patrick Kilmeen Cork
Crowley Timothy Ballymoney Cork
Crowley Timothy Fanlobbus Cork
Crowly Bryan Drinagh Cork
Crowly Cornelius Drinagh Cork
Crowly Cornelius Fanlobbus Cork
Crowly Cornelius Kilmeen Cork
Crowly Cornelius Kinneigh Cork
Crowly Daniel Desertserges Cork
Crowly Darby Desertserges Cork
Crowly Dennis Fanlobbus Cork
Crowly Dennis Kilmeen Cork
Crowly Ellen Ross Cork
Crowly James Kilmeen Cork
Crowly Jeremiah Ballymoney Cork
Crowly John Kilgarriff Cork
Crowly John Kilmeen Cork
Crowly John Ross Cork
Crowly Laurence Rathbarry Cork
Crowly Mary Fanlobbus Cork
Crowly Nicholas Desert Cork
Crowly Patrick Kilmeen Cork
Crowly Timothy Kilmeen Cork
Crowly Timothy Ross Cork
Cullinane Charles Kilkerranmore Cork
Cullinane Daniel Rathbarry Cork
Cullinane James Kilmeen Cork
Cullinane Mary Kilkerranmore Cork
Cullinane Michael Kilkerranmore Cork
Cullinane Patrick Ballymoney Cork
Cullinane Thomas Drinagh Cork
Cullnane Jeremiah Desertserges Cork
Cushine Peter Kilmacabea Cork
Daniel Flahar Kilkerranmore Cork
Dawley Carrol Rathbarry Cork
Dawley John Ross Cork
Dawley Laurence Lislee Cork
Dawly Darby Desertserges Cork
Dawly Darby Fanlobbus Cork
Dawly John Desertserges Cork
Dawly Sylvester Drinagh Cork
Dean Catherine Kilmeen Cork
Deasy Cornelius Castleventry Cork
Deasy Cornelius Drinagh Cork
Deasy Cornelius Ross Cork
Deasy Daniel Castleventry Cork
Deasy Denis Ross Cork
Deasy Eleanor Kilfaughnabeg Cork
Deasy John Castleventry Cork
Deasy John Drinagh Cork
Deasy John Fanlobbus Cork
Deasy John Island Cork
Deasy John Kilgarriff Cork
Deasy John Kilkerranmore Cork
Deasy Michael Kilmacabea Cork
Deasy Patrick Desertserges Cork
Deasy Timothy Island Cork
Deasy Timothy Kilkerranmore Cork
Deeve Daniel Kilgarriff Cork
Delay Charles Kilmeen Cork
Delay Denis Kilmeen Cork
Delea Maurice Kilkerranmore Cork
Dempsey Darby Drinagh Cork
Dempsey Joanna Desertserges Cork
Dempsey Timothy Drinagh Cork
Dempsey Timothy Kilmeen Cork
Dempsy Daniel Drinagh Cork
Dempsy James Kilkerranmore Cork
Dempsy Matthew Island Cork
Dempsy Patrick Drinagh Cork
Dillon Dennis Kilgarriff Cork
Dodeen John Ardfield Cork
Donohue Cornelius Kilmacabea Cork
Donohue Dennis Fanlobbus Cork
Donohue Geoffry Kilkerranmore Cork
Donohue James Dromdaleague Cork
Donohue James Kilkerranmore Cork
Donohue Jane Fanlobbus Cork
Donohue John Drinagh Cork
Donohue Julian Kilgarriff Cork
Donohue Julian Kilkerranmore Cork
Donohue Martin Rathbarry Cork
Donohue Michael Kilmeen Cork
Donohue Timothy Kilkerranmore Cork
Donohue Timothy Kilmeen Cork
Donovan Batt. Fanlobbus Cork
Donovan Catherine Castleventry Cork
Donovan Catherine Fanlobbus Cork
Donovan Cornelius Ardfield Cork
Donovan Cornelius Ballymoney Cork
Donovan Cornelius Desertserges Cork
Donovan Cornelius Drinagh Cork
Donovan Cornelius Dromdaleague Cork
Donovan Cornelius Island Cork
Donovan Cornelius Kilgarriff Cork
Donovan Cornelius Kilkerranmore Cork
Donovan Cornelius Kilnagross Cork
Donovan Cornelius Kinneigh Cork
Donovan Cornelius Lislee Cork
Donovan Cornelius Ross Cork
Donovan Daniel Ballymoney Cork
Donovan Daniel Castleventry Cork
Donovan Daniel Fanlobbus Cork
Donovan Daniel Island Cork
Donovan Daniel Kilkerranmore Cork
Donovan Daniel Kilmocomoge Cork
Donovan Daniel Rathbarry Cork
Donovan Darby Ballymoney Cork
Donovan Darby Drinagh Cork
Donovan Darby Kilmeen Cork
Donovan Darby Kilnagross Cork
Donovan Darby Rathbarry Cork
Donovan Denis Rathbarry Cork
Donovan Dennis Castleventry Cork
Donovan Dennis Drinagh Cork
Donovan Dennis Dromdaleague Cork
Donovan Dennis Island Cork
Donovan Dennis Ross Cork
Donovan Eleanor Desertserges Cork
Donovan Eleanor Fanlobbus Cork
Donovan Elizabeth Kilgarriff Cork
Donovan Elizabeth Ross Cork
Donovan Ellen Ardfield Cork
Donovan Ellen Desertserges Cork
Donovan James Drinagh Cork
Donovan James Kilkerranmore Cork
Donovan James Kilmeen Cork
Donovan James Rathbarry Cork
Donovan Jeremiah Desertserges Cork
Donovan Jeremiah Dromdaleague Cork
Donovan Jeremiah Fanlobbus Cork
Donovan Jeremiah Island Cork
Donovan Jeremiah Rathbarry Cork
Donovan John Ballymoney Cork
Donovan John Castleventry Cork
Donovan John Kilgarriff Cork
Donovan John Kilkerranmore Cork
Donovan John Kilmeen Cork
Donovan John Rathbarry Cork
Donovan John Ross Cork
Donovan Joseph Ballymoney Cork
Donovan Julian Castleventry Cork
Donovan Laurence Kilmacabea Cork
Donovan Lodowick Kilkerranmore Cork
Donovan Mary Ballymoney Cork
Donovan Mary Desertserges Cork
Donovan Mary Island Cork
Donovan Mary Kilgarriff Cork
Donovan Michael Ardfield Cork
Donovan Michael Castleventry Cork
Donovan Michael Fanlobbus Cork
Donovan Michael Rathbarry Cork
Donovan Patrick Ardfield Cork
Donovan Patrick Castleventry Cork
Donovan Patrick Kilmacabea Cork
Donovan Patrick Kilmeen Cork
Donovan Peter Kilgarriff Cork
Donovan Peter Ross Cork
Donovan Philip Island Cork
Donovan Randle Fanlobbus Cork
Donovan Rick Ballymoney Cork
Donovan Rickard Fanlobbus Cork
Donovan Thomas Kilmeen Cork
Donovan Thomas Rathbarry Cork
Donovan Timothy Ballymoney Cork
Donovan Timothy Desertserges Cork
Donovan Timothy Drinagh Cork
Donovan Timothy Fanlobbus Cork
Donovan Timothy Kilfaughnabeg Cork
Donovan Timothy Kilkerranmore Cork
Donovan Timothy Kilmacabea Cork
Donovan Timothy Kilmeen Cork
Donovan Timothy Kilnagross Cork
Donovan Timothy Ross Cork
Donovan William Drinagh Cork
Donovan William Rathbarry Cork
Dooles James Drinagh Cork
Dooling Julian Desertserges Cork
Douny Daniel Kilmeen Cork
Downey Darby Drinagh Cork
Driscol Cornelius Ardfield Cork
Driscole Catherine Ross Cork
Driscole Cornelius Ross Cork
Driscole Daniel Ardfield Cork
Driscole Daniel Kilkerranmore Cork
Driscole Daniel Kilmeen Cork
Driscole Darby Kilmeen Cork
Driscole Darby Kilnagross Cork
Driscole Denis Island Cork
Driscole Dennis Ballymoney Cork
Driscole Dennis Desertserges Cork
Driscole Dennis Ross Cork
Driscole Ellen Kilmeen Cork
Driscole Ellen Kilnagross Cork
Driscole Flor. Creagh Cork
Driscole Florence Drinagh Cork
Driscole James Ardfield Cork
Driscole James Drinagh Cork
Driscole James Fanlobbus Cork
Driscole James Rathbarry Cork
Driscole Jeremiah Ballymoney Cork
Driscole Jeremiah Kilgarriff Cork
Driscole John Ardfield Cork
Driscole John Drinagh Cork
Driscole John Kilgarriff Cork
Driscole Margaret Ross Cork
Driscole Maurice Kilmacabea Cork
Driscole Michael Island Cork
Driscole Moses Ardfield Cork
Driscole Patrick Ardfield Cork
Driscole Patrick Kilkerranmore Cork
Driscole Timothy Kinneigh Cork
Driscole William Drinagh Cork
Driscolle Bridget Kilkerranmore Cork
Driscolle Michael Kilkerranmore Cork
Duggin Charles Ballymoney Cork
Duggin Cornelius Ardfield Cork
Duggin Cornelius Ballymoney Cork
Duggin Michael Ardfield Cork
Dulea Daniel Ballymoney Cork
Dulea Dennis Ballymoney Cork
Dulea Dennis Fanlobbus Cork
Dunoughlah Honorah Ross Cork
Dwyer Dennis Ballymoney Cork
Dwyer John Ballymoney Cork
Eedy Charles Kilmeen Cork
Farfian Timothy Kilmeen Cork
Farifian John Kilmeen Cork
Farsy Peter Kinneigh Cork
Feahane Cornelius Rathbarry Cork
Feahane Darby Rathbarry Cork
Feehane John Ardfield Cork
Feen Cornelius Ardfield Cork
Feen Cornelius Island Cork
Feen Cornelius Kilgarriff Cork
Feen Denis Island Cork
Feen Dennis Ardfield Cork
Feen Francis Kilmeen Cork
Feen Patrick Ardfield Cork
Feen Timothy Ardfield Cork
Feen Timothy Kilkerranmore Cork
Fehane Cornelius Ardfield Cork
Fehane Darby Kilmeen Cork
Feheen Daniel Kilnagross Cork
Feheen John Kilnagross Cork
Feheen John Kinneigh Cork
Fihily Maurice Kilkerranmore Cork
Fihily Michael Kilmeen Cork
Fitzgerald Denis Kilkerranmore Cork
Fitzgerald Michael Kilkerranmore Cork
Fitzgerald Patrick Desertserges Cork
Fitzgerald Patrick Kilkerranmore Cork
Fitzpatrick Timothy Castleventry Cork
Flemon William Rathbarry Cork
Footman Laurence Ardfield Cork
Forbes John Drinagh Cork
Ford Samuel Desertserges Cork
Fouloo Dennis Ross Cork
Fuller William Kilmeen Cork
Fyhilly Michael Kilmeen Cork
Gabriel John Desertserges Cork
Galavane Matthew Drinagh Cork
Glana Daniel Ardfield Cork
Glanna Cornelius Kilgarriff Cork
Glanna James Kilkerranmore Cork
Goloher Rev. O. Lislee Cork
Good John Desertserges Cork
Good Joseph Ballymoney Cork
Good Thomas Ballymoney Cork
Gore Daniel Drinagh Cork
Gorroon John Kilgarriff Cork
Grady James Fanlobbus Cork
Graw Daniel Drinagh Cork
Grina Ellinor Ross Cork
Gurteen William Kilgarriff Cork
Halahane Thomas Kilmeen Cork
Hallisig Dennis Drinagh Cork
Harrington Elinor Ross Cork
Harrinton Daniel Fanlobbus Cork
Harrinton James Ardfield Cork
Harrinton William Kilgarriff Cork
Hart Batt. Kilkerranmore Cork
Hart Cornelius Desertserges Cork
Hart Daniel Ross Cork
Hart John Ross Cork
Hart Matthew Ross Cork
Hart Michael Island Cork
Haurihane Daniel Island Cork
Haurikane John Rathbarry Cork
Hawkes John Kinneigh Cork
Hayes Mary Rathbarry Cork
Hayes Michael Ballymoney Cork
Hayes Michael Drinagh Cork
Hayes Timothy Fanlobbus Cork
Hea Timothy Castleventry Cork
Heagerty Daniel Kilmeen Cork
Heagerty Darby Drinagh Cork
Heagerty James Kilkerranmore Cork
Heagerty James Kilmeen Cork
Heagerty John Ardfield Cork
Heagerty John Drinagh Cork
Heagerty Mary Fanlobbus Cork
Heagerty Patrick Kilmeen Cork
Healy John Kilmeen Cork
Heas Cornelis Ballymoney Cork
Heas Cornelius Kilmeen Cork
Heas Daniel Kilkerranmore Cork
Heas Darby Ross Cork
Heas Denis Kilmeen Cork
Heas Denis Ross Cork
Heas Dennis Kilgarriff Cork
Heas Flouna Kilmacabea Cork
Heas Honorah Ballymoney Cork
Heas John Kilkerranmore Cork
Heas Mary Ross Cork
Heas Matthew Ross Cork
Heas Owem Kilkerranmore Cork
Heas Patrick Kilkerranmore Cork
Heas Peter Ballymoney Cork
Heas Peter Kilkerranmore Cork
Heas Stephen Ross Cork
Heas Thomas Ballymoney Cork
Heas Timothy Ross Cork
Heas William Ross Cork
Hease Cornelius Ballymoney Cork
Hease Daniel Ballymoney Cork
Hease Daniel Kilkerranmore Cork
Hease Dennis Ardfield Cork
Hease Dennis Ballymoney Cork
Hease Eleanor Island Cork
Henegan Thomas Dromdaleague Cork
Hennessy Arthur Fanlobbus Cork
Hennessy Daniel Fanlobbus Cork
Hennesy Arthur Ballymoney Cork
Hennesy Catherine Kilkerranmore Cork
Hennesy Daniel Ballymoney Cork
Hennesy Edmund Ballymoney Cork
Hennesy John Ballymoney Cork
Hennesy John Drinagh Cork
Herickane John Desertserges Cork
Hickey Darby Ardfield Cork
Hickey Owen Drinagh Cork
Hill David Castleventry Cork
Hill Thomas Ross Cork
Hoaneen Maurice Ross Cork
Hodnett Richard Kilkerranmore Cork
Hodnett William Island Cork
Hooper John Rathbarry Cork
Hornybrook Austin Drinagh Cork
Houlahane James Kilkerranmore Cork
Houlley Denis Kilkerranmore Cork
Houlley John Kilkerranmore Cork
Houlten John Ardfield Cork
Houltin Cornelius Rathbarry Cork
Houlton Cornelius Castleventry Cork
Houlton William Ardfield Cork
Hourahane Joan Desertserges Cork
Hourihan Cornelius Caheragh Cork
Hourihan William Fanlobbus Cork
Hourihane Ellen Fanlobbus Cork
Hungerford Catherine Ardfield Cork
Hurley Cornelius Kilmeen Cork
Hurley Denis Kilkerranmore Cork
Hurley Dennis Ballymoney Cork
Hurley Joseph Kilmeen Cork
Hurley Michael Kilgarriff Cork
Hurly Cornelius Drinagh Cork
Hurly Cornelius Kilkerranmore Cork
Hurly Daniel Ardfield Cork
Hurly Daniel Ballymoney Cork
Hurly Daniel Castleventry Cork
Hurly Daniel Fanlobbus Cork
Hurly Daniel Ross Cork
Hurly Darby Ardfield Cork
Hurly Darby Castleventry Cork
Hurly Darby Drinagh Cork
Hurly Darby Ross Cork
Hurly Dennis Ballymoney Cork
Hurly Ellen Drinagh Cork
Hurly James Ballymoney Cork
Hurly James Dromdaleague Cork
Hurly John Ballymoney Cork
Hurly John Desertserges Cork
Hurly John Drinagh Cork
Hurly John Fanlobbus Cork
Hurly Mary Ballymoney Cork
Hurly Mary Drinagh Cork
Hurly Mary Ross Cork
Hurly Michael Kilmeen Cork
Hurly Patrick Fanlobbus Cork
Jennings George Drinagh Cork
Jennings John Drinagh Cork
Jennings John Kilmacabea Cork
Keagh Owen Kilkerranmore Cork
Keaghley Ellenor Ross Cork
Keaghley Patrick Kilkerranmore Cork
Kealabar Andrew Kilgarriff Cork
Kean John Kilkerranmore Cork
Kearney James Kilmeen Cork
Kearney John Castleventry Cork
Kearney John Kilmeen Cork
Kearney Margaret Drinagh Cork
Kearney Thomas Drinagh Cork
Kearney William Castleventry Cork
Keary Daniel Ballymoney Cork
Keary Dennis Kilkerranmore Cork
Keary John Ballymoney Cork
Keating Darby Ross Cork
Keating Timothy Kilmeen Cork
Keefe Owen Kilmeen Cork
Keesse John Ballymoney Cork
Keesse Patrick Castleventry Cork
Keesse Simon Drinagh Cork
Keesse Timothy Ballymoney Cork
Kehelly Daniel Kilmeen Cork
Kehelly John Ross Cork
Kehelly Timothy Ballymoney Cork
Kehelly Timothy Castleventry Cork
Kehelly Timothy Kilmeen Cork
Kekelly Dennis Desertserges Cork
Keliker Andrew Kilgarriff Cork
Kelly Dennis Castleventry Cork
Kelly James Drinagh Cork
Kelly James Fanlobbus Cork
Kelty Denis Kilkerranmore Cork
Keohane Catherine Desertserges Cork
Keohane Daniel Kilkerranmore Cork
Keohane Denis Kilmacabea Cork
Keohane Denis Kilmeen Cork
Keohane Laurence Desertserges Cork
Keohane Mark Kilmacabea Cork
Keohane Michael Rathbarry Cork
Keohane Patrick Kilmeen Cork
Keohane Timothy Kilkerranmore Cork
Keohane Timothy Kilmacabea Cork
Keohane Timothy Ross Cork
Kerukane Catherine Desertserges Cork
Kileenagh Darby Kilgarriff Cork
Kilunough John Rathbarry Cork
Kingston Anne Desertserges Cork
Kingston Daniel Kilmocomoge Cork
Kingston George Kilmocomoge Cork
Kingston James Kilkerranmore Cork
Kingston John Caheragh Cork
Kingston Paul Dromdaleague Cork
Kingston Thomas Desertserges Cork
Kingston Thomas Kilmocomoge Cork
Lane Catherine Ballymoney Cork
Lane John Kilmeen Cork
Leahy Timothy Ross Cork
Leardane Matthew Ardfield Cork
Leary Batt Ross Cork
Leary Cornelius Kilmeen Cork
Leary Cornelius Rathbarry Cork
Leary Daniel Ballymoney Cork
Leary Daniel Desertserges Cork
Leary Daniel Kilmeen Cork
Leary Darby Ballymoney Cork
Leary Denis Island Cork
Leary Denis Kilfaughnabeg Cork
Leary Dennis Ardfield Cork
Leary Jeremy Kilmeen Cork
Leary John Castleventry Cork
Leary John Desertserges Cork
Leary John Kilgarriff Cork
Leary Mary Desertserges Cork
Leary Timothy Kilmeen Cork
Leay John Drinagh Cork
Lehane Daniel Ross Cork
Linane Ellen Desertserges Cork
Line William Ballymoney Cork
Loardane John Kilfaughnabeg Cork
Loardane John Kilgarriff Cork
Loderick Denis Kilkerranmore Cork
Lohart James Ross Cork
Lohart Michael Ross Cork
Lombard James Kilkerranmore Cork
Lombard John Ardfield Cork
Lombard Nicholas Island Cork
Lombard William Ardfield Cork
Long John Kilkerranmore Cork
Long Timothy Ballymoney Cork
Lynch Dennis Ballymoney Cork
Lynch Honora Fanlobbus Cork
Lyne Daniel Kilmeen Cork
Lyne Jeremiah Rathbarry Cork
Lyne John Kilmeen Cork
Lynn Timothy Kilmeen Cork
M’Art Darby Kilmacabea Cork
M’Carthy Daniel Desertserges Cork
M’Carthy Daniel Drinagh Cork
M’Carthy Daniel Dromdaleague Cork
M’Carthy Daniel Rathbarry Cork
M’Carthy Darby Kilkerranmore Cork
M’Carthy Denis Kilkerranmore Cork
M’Carthy Denis Rathbarry Cork
M’Carthy Dennis Drinagh Cork
M’Carthy Dennis Kilmeen Cork
M’Carthy Felix Kilkerranmore Cork
M’Carthy Fl. Rathbarry Cork
M’Carthy Florence Fanlobbus Cork
M’Carthy Florence Island Cork
M’Carthy Florence Kilmeen Cork
M’Carthy Honora Kilmeen Cork
M’Carthy James Kilkerranmore Cork
M’Carthy Jeremiah Dromdaleague Cork
M’Carthy Jeremiah Kilkerranmore Cork
M’Carthy Jeremy Kilmeen Cork
M’Carthy Joan Kilkerranmore Cork
M’Carthy John Desertserges Cork
M’Carthy John Drinagh Cork
M’Carthy John Kilkerranmore Cork
M’Carthy John Kilmacabea Cork
M’Carthy John Kilmeen Cork
M’Carthy John Rathbarry Cork
M’Carthy Julian Drinagh Cork
M’Carthy Margaret Kilnagross Cork
M’Carthy Michael Kilnagross Cork
M’Carthy Owen Ballymoney Cork
M’Carthy Patrick Lislee Cork
M’Carthy Timothy Ardfield Cork
M’Carthy Timothy Kilkerranmore Cork
Macarthy Ellen Kilmeen Cork
Mackenedy Cornelius Ardfield Cork
Mackenedy Daniel Kilkerranmore Cork
Maguire Ellen Ross Cork
Mahony Cain Kilmacabea Cork
Mahony Catherine Kilgarriff Cork
Mahony Cornelius Fanlobbus Cork
Mahony Cornelius Kilmacabea Cork
Mahony Daniel Ross Cork
Mahony Darby Kilkerranmore Cork
Mahony Darby Kilmeen Cork
Mahony Dennis Fanlobbus Cork
Mahony Honora Ballymoney Cork
Mahony Jeremiah Fanlobbus Cork
Mahony Joanna Desertserges Cork
Mahony John Ballymoney Cork
Mahony John Fanlobbus Cork
Mahony John Rathbarry Cork
Mahony Mary Fanlobbus Cork
Mahony Timothy Kilnagross Cork
Mahony William Ballymoney Cork
Mahony William Kilfaughnabeg Cork
Mallowny James Rathbarry Cork
Marrinane Cornelius Kilmeen Cork
Martin Batt. Dromdaleague Cork
Martin Cornelius Kilkerranmore Cork
Mawley James Kilgarriff Cork
Meal Paul Ardfield Cork
Merigough Cornelius Fanlobbus Cork
Moaxly Richard Ross Cork
Molowney Patrick Ardfield Cork
Morris William Fanlobbus Cork
Mulloway Michael Fanlobbus Cork
Mullowney James Ardfield Cork
Mullowny Michael Ross Cork
Munig Denis Kilmacabea Cork
Munig Honora Kilmacabea Cork
Munigane John Drinagh Cork
Munihane Darby Castleventry Cork
Munihane John Castleventry Cork
Munihane Julian Kilmacabea Cork
Murane Cornelius Desertserges Cork
Murane Julian Desertserges Cork
Murane Margaret Desertserges Cork
Murphy Catherine Desertserges Cork
Murphy Daniel Fanlobbus Cork
Murphy Edmund Dromdaleague Cork
Murphy Honora Desertserges Cork
Murphy Joanna Desertserges Cork
Murphy John Ross Cork
Murphy Julian Kilmeen Cork
Murphy Peter Desertserges Cork
Murphy Thomas Kilnagross Cork
Murphy Timothy Kilmeen Cork
Murphy William Kilmeen Cork
Murray Darby Kilkerranmore Cork
Murray Margaret Drinagh Cork
Murrihy Jeremiah Ballymoney Cork
Murrihy Timothy Ballymoney Cork
Neal William Fanlobbus Cork
Neale John Ross Cork
Neehane Thomas Ballymoney Cork
Nehane David Ballymoney Cork
Nehane Dennis Fanlobbus Cork
Nehane Thomas Ballymoney Cork
Nehane Timothy Island Cork
Nehane William Ballymoney Cork
Neil Cornelius Drinagh Cork
Neil John Ross Cork
Neill John Desertserges Cork
Neill Peter Desertserges Cork
Nihane James Ballymoney Cork
Nihane John Ballymoney Cork
Norwood Edmond Kilmeen Cork
O’Brien Bartholemew Rathbarry Cork
O’Brien Margaret Desertserges Cork
O’Hea Charles Ardfield Cork
O’Hea Daniel Kilkerranmore Cork
O’Hea Francis Kilkerranmore Cork
O’Hea James Island Cork
Owen Neenane Kilmeen Cork
Paterson Joseph Ballymoney Cork
Peen Daniel Castleventry Cork
Quirke Darby Rathbarry Cork
Rassley John Kilmacabea Cork
Reagan Andrew Desertserges Cork
Reagan Cornelius Ballymoney Cork
Reagan Daniel Ardfield Cork
Reagan Daniel Desertserges Cork
Reagan Daniel Dromdaleague Cork
Reagan Daniel Fanlobbus Cork
Reagan Darby Caheragh Cork
Reagan John Desertserges Cork
Reagan John Ross Cork
Reagan Timothy Ballymoney Cork
Reagan Timothy Kilmacabea Cork
Reagan William Drinagh Cork
Reagen Mary Kilgarriff Cork
Reagh William Ross Cork
Regan Denis Island Cork
Regan Denis Kilmeen Cork
Regan Richard Kilmeen Cork
Reilly Daniel Drinagh Cork
Reilly Eleanor Kilnagross Cork
Reilly John Desertserges Cork
Reirdan William Ross Cork
Rierdan Patrick Ballymoney Cork
Riordan John Desertserges Cork
Riordane Daniel Ballymoney Cork
Riordane Timothy Ballymoney Cork
Roche Timothy Ardfield Cork
Roe Francis Ross Cork
Roe Jeremiah Ardfield Cork
Roe John Kilfaughnabeg Cork
Ryan John Ardfield Cork
Santry William Ballymoney Cork
Scully Charles Ardfield Cork
Sexton Darby Kilnagross Cork
Shea James Island Cork
Shea John Ardfield Cork
Shea Richard Castleventry Cork
Sheary Daniel Kilgarriff Cork
Sheehan Francis Desertserges Cork
Sheehane David Ballymoney Cork
Sheehane John Ballymoney Cork
Sheehy Darby Kilkerranmore Cork
Sheehy James Ross Cork
Sheehy Jeremiah Fanlobbus Cork
Sheehy Owen Ross Cork
Sheehy Patrick Kilkerranmore Cork
Sheehy Thomas Kilmeen Cork
Sheraa John Ardfield Cork
Shillery Mary Ballymoney Cork
Shinahan Andrew Kilfaughnabeg Cork
Shine Timothy Ballymoney Cork
Shore William Kilkerranmore Cork
Skully Batt. Castleventry Cork
Skully John Ardfield Cork
Skully Michael Ardfield Cork
Slatterey John Desertserges Cork
Slotney Matthew Desertserges Cork
Smith Henry Desertserges Cork
Smith Thomas Desertserges Cork
Soroney John Kilmeen Cork
Souney Darby Ardfield Cork
Souney Edward Ardfield Cork
Spanard Denis Kilmacabea Cork
Stanley David Ballymoney Cork
Starky Matthew Drinagh Cork
Stout Nicholas Fanlobbus Cork
Sullivan Andrew Ross Cork
Sullivan Catherine Kilkerranmore Cork
Sullivan Catherine Kilmeen Cork
Sullivan Catherine Kinneigh Cork
Sullivan Cornelius Ballymoney Cork
Sullivan Cornelius Castleventry Cork
Sullivan Daniel Ardfield Cork
Sullivan Daniel Ballymoney Cork
Sullivan Daniel Drinagh Cork
Sullivan Daniel Kilgarriff Cork
Sullivan Daniel Kilmeen Cork
Sullivan Daniel Rathbarry Cork
Sullivan Daniel Ross Cork
Sullivan Darby Ardfield Cork
Sullivan Darby Castleventry Cork
Sullivan Darby Kilkerranmore Cork
Sullivan Denis Kilkerranmore Cork
Sullivan Denis Kilmeen Cork
Sullivan Dennis Drinagh Cork
Sullivan Dennis Kilmeen Cork
Sullivan Dennis Kilnagross Cork
Sullivan Eleanor Fanlobbus Cork
Sullivan Francis Kilmeen Cork
Sullivan James Ardfield Cork
Sullivan James Desertserges Cork
Sullivan James Ross Cork
Sullivan Jeremiah Drinagh Cork
Sullivan Jeremiah Kilgarriff Cork
Sullivan Jeremiah Kilmeen Cork
Sullivan John Ardfield Cork
Sullivan John Ballymoney Cork
Sullivan John Castleventry Cork
Sullivan John Kilgarriff Cork
Sullivan John Kilkerranmore Cork
Sullivan John Kilnagross Cork
Sullivan John Lislee Cork
Sullivan John Ross Cork
Sullivan Matthew Kilgarriff Cork
Sullivan Michael Castleventry Cork
Sullivan Michael Kilgarriff Cork
Sullivan Michael Kilnagross Cork
Sullivan Owen Ballymoney Cork
Sullivan Patrick Drinagh Cork
Sullivan Thomas Ross Cork
Sullivan Timothy Ardfield Cork
Sullivan Timothy Castleventry Cork
Sullivan Timothy Kilgarriff Cork
Sullivan Timothy Ross Cork
Sweeny Daniel Lislee Cork
Sweeny Darby Kilkerranmore Cork
Sweeny James Kilmocomoge Cork
Sweeny John Kilgarriff Cork
Sweeny Mary Castleventry Cork
Sweeny Mary Dromdaleague Cork
Sweeny Timothy Kilkerranmore Cork
Taylor William Drinagh Cork
Tobin Cornelius Kilkerranmore Cork
Tobin Ellen Ross Cork
Tobin Mary Ross Cork
Tobin Richard Kilkerranmore Cork
Tobin Richard Ross Cork
Toumy Michael Fanlobbus Cork
Towlor Ellen Lislee Cork
Trelagh Margaret Kilmacabea Cork
Twohig Denis Kilmacabea Cork
Twohig Joan Ardfield Cork
Twohig John Rathbarry Cork
Twohig Julian Kilkerranmore Cork
Twomy Jeremiah Fanlobbus Cork
Wagner Charles Drinagh Cork
Wagner George Fanlobbus Cork
Wagstaff John Castleventry Cork
Walsh Edward Drinagh Cork
Warner Elizabeth Desertserges Cork
Webb George Drinagh Cork
Webb Sarah Fanlobbus Cork
Welsh Coleman Dromdaleague Cork
Welsh David Desertserges Cork
Welsh James Castleventry Cork
Welsh James Drinagh Cork
Welsh John Drinagh Cork
Welsh Maurice Drinagh Cork
Welsh Richard Island Cork
White Edward Ardfield Cork
White Edward Kilkerranmore Cork
White James Kilgarriff Cork
White James Kilnagross Cork
White John Kilkerranmore Cork
White John Kilmacabea Cork
White Mary Ross Cork
White Richard Lislee Cork
White Thomas Kilgarriff Cork
White William Ardfield Cork
Wholley Laureuce Kilkerranmore Cork
Witcherly John Ardfield Cork
Wolfe James Ballymoney Cork
Wolfe John Fanlobbus Cork
Wolfe Joseph Kilmeen Cork
Woods Patrick Kinneigh Cork
Woulfe John Kilmeen Cork
Wytcherly Geoffry Ardfield Cork
Young Thomas Drinagh Cork