Trinity College has just launched a digital project to make public replicas of some of the losses of the Public Records Office in 1922.  There is a photograph in  the Irish Times of the 9th May 2012 showing the Public Records office in 1914 before the unbelievable act of vandalism which destroyed 700 years of Ireland’s heritage.

Included in the list of calendar rolls from the 13th October 1303 is a direction that the murage  ( a medieval toll or local tax) is to be used to offset the cost of providing a fresh water conduit in Cork, this is set out below, the entire collection can be accessed at Trinity College/Circle.

Patent Roll 31 Edward I

15 Oct. 1303

The bailiffs and men of Cork have a murage according to the tenor of the murage granted to other Irish cities for six years from the Monday after St Denis next [14 Oct.]. And it is granted to them that half of the cost which they spend on fresh-water conduit [conductum aque dulcis] in that town is to be allowed to them on their account of the issues of the said murage.

John Wogan, Jcr

CPI, p. 40.