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This petition written in French is held at the UK National Archives in Kew.  It refers among other places to Donemark, Bantry, Co. Cork and is one of the earliest written references to that part of the country.

The Normans would have found the fertile Drumlin belt around Bantry attractive.

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Item reference SC 8/98/4889

Petitioners: Maurice de Carreu (Carrew). Addressees: King. Places mentioned: Desmond, County Limerick, [Ireland]; Ath[. …

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SC  Records of various departments, arranged artificially according to type, and formerly entitled Special Collections
top of page SC 8  Special Collections: Ancient Petitions
top of page SC 8/98  4851-4900. Individual petitions are described , dated, and are available at item level.
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Record Summary

Scope and content
Petitioners: Maurice de Carreu (Carrew).
Addressees: King.
Places mentioned: Desmond, County Limerick, [Ireland]; Ath[…] Ocarbry cantred [unidentified], County Limerick, [Ireland]; Scenned (Shanid) cantred, County Limerick, [Ireland]; Corkey cantred [unidentified], County Limerick, [Ireland]; Killyde (Killeedy), County Limerick, [Ireland]; O[O…] and Oflannan cantred [unidentified], County Kerry, [Ireland]; Maycenekyn (Magunihy) cantred, County Kerry, [Ireland]; Ofurris cantred [unidentified], County Kerry, [Ireland]; Kilorglan (Killorglin) cantred, County Kerry, [Ireland]; Corkelye and Bear cantred [unidentified], County Cork, [Ireland]; Formertheragh (Fermoy) cantred, County Cork, [Ireland]; Glynsalwy cantred [unidentified], County Cork, [Ireland]; Oglassyn cantred [unidentified], County Cork, [Ireland]; Donemark [unidentified], [County Cork, Ireland].
Other people mentioned: Maurice Fitz Gerard (Fitz Gerald); Richard de Burgh; Thomas Fitz Moriz (Maurice); Maurice Fitz Thomas; Thomas de Clare; John de Prendregast (Prendergast); Geoffrey de Cogan, son of Eustace de Cogan; Eustace de Cogan.
Nature of request: Maurice de Carreu states that he holds half of Desmond for the service of 30 knights. He asks the King to take the services from certain of his tenants, whom he names, and also to take his manor of Donemark, and to release him from the debt he owes him, and to let him have the rest of his feed quit.
Endorsement: He is to go to the Justiciar and to the King’s council in those parts, and the council is to inform the King more clearly about the demand. And the King will take counsel on this and will order his will on the matter. And a writ is to be sent to the Justiciar on this.
Covering dates [c. 1300]
Note Dated to c. 1300 by Connolly, ‘Irish Ancient Petitions’ p.33.
Related material For another petition from the same petitioner, see SC 8/199/9933
Held by
The National Archives, Kew
Former reference (Department) Parliamentary Petition 1575
Legal status Public Record(s)
Language French
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Finding aids

Publication note Irish Material in the Class of Ancient Petitions (SC 8) in the Public Record Office, Analecta Hibernica, vol. XXIV, P. Connolly, (Stationery Office of Ireland, 1987), p.33 (brief calendar of petition)